Daily Stormer Sunday Edition: Week Two

Daily Stormer
September 3, 2017

Another week, another printable samizdat edition! We have two versions this time, and while last week’s was a little rough around the edges, this week’s looks goddamned beautiful. Better than a lot of commercial print publications.

Here’s the normal size for printing or reading on a fullsize display. Print it out, share it on social media and filesharing networks, email it to your friends and family and colleagues.

Last week some of you also requested an edition made in phone-readable dimensions, so here you go, but it is over 500 pages long.

This week marked us going on the public Internet by way of an Albanian national domain name for nearly four whole days before government pressure caused the thing to fold. That’s the longest period we’ve been on the open Internet since the shutdown began. If you’re just now tuning in, we’re the most censored publication in the history of the world. That’s because we used to be the biggest pro-white publication in the history of the world.

With six million monthly unique visitors, we trounced the circulation of the Third Reich’s most popular tabloid Der Sturmer, which had 250,000. We’ve since had a series of unlawful seizures of our domain names in jurisdictions across the world. Rule of law and freedom of expression means nothing anymore if some Jew calls you a racist. Beyond the registry domain seizures, we saw something very interesting this week.

Recursive DNS servers also began rejecting the resolution of our domain while it was up, most notably Cisco Umbrella/OpenDNS. This is a brand new kind of censorship. Never before has a major DNS service rejected the resolution of a domain before. This actually goes against the 2015 FCC ruling on Net Neutrality. If the Albanians hadn’t seized our domain we could eventually have sued over it. If they do it repeatedly we’ll have to confront them on it.

We will, however, be litigating against Google for seizing our .com domain. That vicious Jewish assault on the liberty of every white man cannot stand. We’re in uncharted territory. Our Tor hidden service is now blazing fast as far as Tor services go, as we’ve deployed custom modifications to the Tor server code to serve content much faster at the expense of anonymity (which we never needed, we would rather be publishing on the open Internet if only they wouldn’t keep seizing our domains). When we started this we thought we’d just keep a blog open. Now we maintain complicated C programs. This is the only way we keep our head above water. Most people would quit at this point, but the love we feel for white European civilization mandates any sacrifice to continue our operations. Somehow people must hear the truth. We will bear witness until our dying breaths.

Hail Victory!