Daily Stormer Proven Right About Russia Kookspiracy Hoax, Jewish Media Again Exposed as Disreputable Liars

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2019

The summary report of Bob Mueller’s investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion has found no wrongdoing by Trump or his associates. The Daily Stormer said the whole thing was a hoax for the past two years and we’ve been proven right.

As many of you already know, the Daily Stormer is literally the most censored website in the history of the Internet. This is not hyperbole either, this is just a basic fact. The reason for this is simple. This website offers the most truthful and objective analysis of the world we live in because it tackles topics that few are willing to touch. And unlike the bullshit you see in the Jewish media, you get actual real journalism here.

The Russia kookspiracy hoax is proof of this. After nearly two years, the summary findings of Bob Mueller’s investigation into potential collusion between Donald Trump and Russia was finally unveiled to the public. The summary report put out by Attorney General William Barr says that Mueller’s team found no evidence that Trump or anybody on his presidential campaign colluded with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election.

For those of you who have been regular readers, this result should be of no surprise. The Daily Stormer has published a huge volume of articles dating back to early 2017, regularly calling the Trump-Russia collusion narrative a manufactured hoax.

The Jewish media spent the past two years lying to the American people about this story. They amplified a baseless conspiracy theory and gave Trump-hating Americans false hope that Mueller’s report would lead to the end of Trump’s presidency. They published story after story based on anonymous sources, uncorroborated information and outright lies.

There has been so much fake news published about this story that you could easily write a novel about it. But some of the worst reporting came from the likes of BuzzFeed, CNN and MSNBC, all of which are Jew-run operations. The damage they have done to their reputations is incalculable. Even though their audience is not that smart, a good portion of their audience is going to be greatly upset that they were misled by disreputable news anchors, writers and pundits.

The sad part is that there is very little self-reflection from these people. In many cases, they’re refusing to admit that they pushed a totally false narrative to the public for the past two years. Some are even attacking Mueller despite the fact that they frequently hailed him as the gold standard of investigators.

At least one Jew recognizes the damage that’s been done. Glenn Greenwald has been on a Twitter rampage openly trashing the media pundits who rabidly pushed the Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax. His criticisms are on point and accurate.

Matt Taibbi has also offered an exhaustive summary detailing just how badly the media handled their coverage of the Russia hoax. The journalist malfeasance he summarizes is extensive and much of it was also documented in previously published Daily Stormer articles.

But when you see people like Greenwald and Taibbi – both ostensibly leftists – openly criticizing the big Jew-run media outlets like this, you know they have some real credibility problems. These are two anti-Trump leftists who have an extensive track record writing important articles for left-leaning media operations. It’s much more difficult for their criticisms to be dismissed. It also shows that there’s some real long term damage here.

Point blank, the Russia hoax has further exposed the Jewish media as being the disreputable liars that they are. The Daily Stormer got this story right from the beginning and that says all you need to know. It shows that we are real journalists and that they are fake journalists. It’s as simple as that.