Daily Stormer Lost $50,000 in 2019 Due to a Lack of Donations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2020

Meanwhile, at the Daily Stormer head office…

I’m not really an economist, and don’t follow the site’s finances very closely, but I just looked it up and in 2019, this site spent approximately 6 bitcoin more than it took in.

Last week, a dear individual gave us 1 bitcoin, so today we’re at a balance of 5 bitcoin below where we were at this time last year.

But that’s still, you know – a whole lot of money for a business of this size to lose in a year.

In case you don’t understand how this site works, let me go ahead and tell you:

All of the regular writers are paid a sum that is comparable to mainstream sites of this format (Buzzfeed, etc.). I get paid less than the writers, but I do obviously rely on this site for a living as well. And we have various tech support we have to pay for. Furthermore, after the post-Charlottesville banning, we ended up needing to use very expensive services to keep the site up, as all of the mainstream services banned us; this is a huge financial drain.

In 2019, after the incident with 8chan getting banned from Cloudflare, switching to Bitmitigate and subsequently getting Bitmitigate banned from its own servers, we were dropped from Bitmitigate’s free program (which was offered to us after Cloudflare banned us by the previous owner of the service).

The CDN services we are currently using are obscenely expensive.

Furthermore, just so you understand: most websites get money through advertising dollars, something that we do not do.

I realize that I don’t ask for money often enough, and that most of you don’t want to use bitcoin.

Regrettably, I forget to ask. Also regrettably, we will never be able to use any form of donation system other than bitcoin.

So we’re kind of looking at an impasse. Obviously, this situation is not sustainable long term, and this will basically mean that contributors have to be laid off. I will keep writing myself, but I’ll just be the only person on the site. And I’ll probably stop doing the news, and just write longer articles. Turn the site into more of a classic blog.

Or, you readers can learn how to use bitcoin.

I will also start e-begging more often to try and get people to do it.

Our numbers of viewers are as high as they’ve ever been. They may be much higher. We don’t have a clear way to calculate exactly how many people are viewing the site on Tor. But there are hundreds of thousands of people reading the site, and we should be making 7 figures a year with that traffic, yet we are surviving on spending money from a long time ago.

So, if you are a reader, and you support other people having access to this content, I hope you will take the time to learn how to use bitcoin, and send some our way. It doesn’t take much from each person to keep us above water. In fact, if everyone gave $5 a month, we’d be expanding at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, donations come from a fraction of a fraction of the readership.

Conversely, a good number of $100+ donations would also help. The overwhelming majority of the funding comes from large donations, like the 1 BTC one. If it wasn’t for that time a guy sent 14.88 BTC, we’d be offline already, as we would have fewer than zero dollars.

It’s up to you guys to keep the site going.

Although last time I put the donation request front and center, the results were pretty disappointing. So, I guess, we’ll just keep going at this rate of loss as long as we can (probably a few months) and then look at restructuring the site to be written exclusively by me.

People are going to complain about this, but all of you were told we were broke and 99.99999999999% of you chose not to send money.

That’s all I can really say.

I’ll keep you updated on any developments in the financing. And you can of course check the blockchain yourself to see what we’re receiving.



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Please do not ask about other ways to donate. There are no other ways to donate. If you don’t have time to do crypto (or to get someone to help you), then you cannot support the site. That is simply the situation.