Daily Stormer Launches Anti-Jew Propaganda Offensive in New Hampshire

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2014

150 of these signs will be deployed across New Hampshire in the days leading up to election.

Even though the Internet is an effective way to spread the message about Jewish control of America, it is also important that we spread this message in the real world.  Robert Ransdell’s anti-Jew political campaign in Kentucky is proof of how effective these tactics can be.

In order to build off of that, 150 of the signs pictured here are going to be posted throughout the Southern part of New Hampshire over the next couple of weeks.  These signs will be posted near Jewish institutions and memorials, schools and a variety of other places that will hopefully get people’s attention.  A handful of them have already been deployed and there are still many more that need to be posted.  One of the signs that has been posted was already removed so there is a chance that someone will eventually cry to the mainstream media about this operation.

The Jews will think another Shoah is about to occur once they see these signs.

If this campaign proves effective – larger signs will be purchased and deployed with a variety of different messages exposing the Jewish power structure that is destroying America.  Suggestions for slogans and themes are welcome.

I’d like to encourage other people out there to embark on similar offensives in your local areas.  If you can’t afford to have signs printed, make some leaflets and distribute them.

By pushing initiatives such as these in large enough numbers – we will eventually tear down the fear people have of discussing issues that have been deemed “politically incorrect” by the Jewish run media.

Most importantly, this type of thing is fun and I guarantee that you’ll have a good time doing it.  I’m already having fun and I have many more signs to post.