Daily Stormer Health Organization Declares August 12th International Obesity Awareness Day

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2018

Heather Heyer, murdered to death by hate-driven unhealthy foods

In honor of the tragic death of the morbidly obese communist activist Heather Heyer, who had a heart attack and died on August 12, 2017 at the ripe age of 32 after she was standing next to a car accident, the Daily Stormer is declaring August 12th International Obesity Awareness Day.

Here are the top five facts every person needs to know about obesity.

5. Fat People Have No Self-Respect

The first thing you instinctively note when you notice a fat person is that they have no respect for themselves. And it is impossible for a person who has no self-respect to respect any other person, or society.

They are declaring to the world that they do not believe they have any value as people.

The world does not value them as people either, and no one really cared when Heather Heyer died of a heart attack. They simply used her as a political weapon.

No fat person can ever be loved or even considered to have any form of value at all by any human being. This is why fat people often keep cats.

4. Fat People are Worthless

Fat people are of virtually no use to society, whatsoever, as they are incapable of performing virtually any physical task, and because the fat infects their brains, they are incapable of even performing menial mental activities.

A fat person’s only real purpose for their existence is to consume food.

Fat white women can also provide sex to black people.

Though the benefit of that to society is questionable.

3. Fat People are Disgusting

There is nothing more offensive than seeing a fat person, other than possibly seeing someone with Down Syndrome.

No one wants to look at a bulbous blob. It is fundamentally repulsive. The reality of this is evidenced by the fact that no memorial to Heather Heyer shows her as she actually was, instead portraying her as thin.

The media only showed old pictures of her, before her obesity became so morbid.

Even her own morbidly obese mother uses old photographs of her.

Along with the picture above of medics trying hopelessly to perform CPR through her balloon-like layers of fat, here are some photos of what she looked like on the day of the riot she was engaging in.

Effectively, there is a conspiracy to collectively cover-up the severe obesity nature of the unhealthy food victim Heather Heyer.

2. Being Fat is an Anti-Social Act

Just as rioting in the street and attacking random people in cars is anti-social, being fat is anti-social.

It not only demonstrates that you have no respect for yourself, but also demonstrates that you have no respect for other people. Forcing other people to view your disgusting form is a hateful act against everyone on earth.

1. Obesity Shortens Life and Causes Heart Attacks

The main issue that was brought to light by the events of Charlottesville last year is that a morbidly obese woman of a mere 32 years was killed by a heart attack caused by a loud sound.

It was impossible to perform CPR on her bulbous form, because you can’t push through that fat. You just bounce off. It is like pushing against a bouncy house.

So if you want to stay alive, folks, stay fit. Stay lean.


A Call to Regulate the Food Industry

The death of Heather Heyer should be a wake-up call to the FDA: it is time to regulate the food industry in order to prevent these types of tragedies in the future.

We need to ban high-fructose corn syrup, we need to ban transfats (partially-hydrogenated oils), we need to regulate the hate-driven processed food industry that is driving the obesity epidemic in America.

No obesity, to processed foods, no fatty USA!