Daily Stormer has Been Purchased by Breitbart

After six months of negotiation, I can proudly announce that the Daily Stormer has officially been purchased by Breitbart for an undisclosed amount.

I, Andrew Anglin, will remain as the editor-in-chief, at least through the end of the year, although the publisher is now Joel Pollak.

There will not be any major changes, and we will continue to tell the truth as we always have. However, we will be moving away from anti-Semitic and racist themes, and focusing more on the fact that people of all races are targeted by socialism.

I was initially very skeptical of becoming a part of the Breitbart family, but the amount of money offered brought me to the dealing table. What I found was that Joel Pollak is actually very woke on the history of Jewish involvement in communism, and stands against it. I realized that not all Jews are communists, and that not all communists are Jews. The common ground I found with the people at Breitbart led me to believe that we could easily work together, and formulate a message that was both true and sensitive to potentially hurtful material about Jews who have always fought against the socialist agenda.

In this age of repression of conservative thought, conservatives have to stand together, and I decided that aside from the massive amounts of money I’ve received, the best course for the Stormer was to stand together with everyone who views socialism as the leading threat to the American value system of freedom.

I invite all of you to join me in uniting with Jews of good faith, who believe in freedom, and seek to push back against the socialist agenda of Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. After all, neither of those people are Jewish, while on our side, we have true fighters for freedom who happen to be Jewish, such as Joel Pollak and Ben Shapiro.

I will be appearing on Ben Shapiro’s podcast this Sunday to discuss the merger, and apologize for some of the things I’ve said about Jews over the years. I’ve talked to Ben privately, and I was shocked at how informed he was on the threat of socialism to the freedom of the West, and amazed by his knowledge of the Constitution.

Shapiro was also very kind to me, and said that he thinks the site is very funny, but was just concerned that some of my rhetoric could lead to another Shoah. Ben also showed me evidence that I had never seen regarding the Shoah, which brought me to the realization that gas chambers did indeed exist at Auschwitz. But the real issue is that the Shoah happened decades ago, and Ben agreed that what we need to focus on now is standing against socialism, and making sure that everyone has access to vaccines, so that socialists don’t have an excuse to continue the lockdown.

Ben really has a great knowledge of the science behind vaccines, and was able to make it clear to me that what we need to do is hit herd immunity, and then the socialists won’t be able to take our liberties away from us.

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Moving forward, you’ll see the same, standard irreverence you’ve always seen here at the Stormer, but just with a little bit of added sensitivity to the suffering that Jews have suffered. Because as we all know, the biggest threat to all of us is socialism, and I am proud to stand with Joel Pollak against this attempt to raise taxes in the name of green energy.

In this dark age when the Chinese Communist Party is working directly with the Democrats and Russian hackers to try to enforce a socialist agenda and take our guns and trick us into wearing masks at the grocery store, we must work to secure our democracy and ensure that Republicans have a chance in the 2022 midterms. That’s why we have to oppose Joe Biden’s agenda to remove voter ID laws.