Daily Stormer Banner Contest!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2014


The Daily Stormer’s one year anniversary is coming up in a few days, and I have made the executive decision to retire the present banner.

Though I am a Fascist, and we openly promote Hitler and National Socialism constantly on this site, several people have told me that the bombers are offensive to British people, and I have decided this is fair enough.

I also feel that while we are promoting the ideology of NS on the site, there is not necessarily a need to present ourselves as “News for Nazis,” as this could turn off a lot of otherwise pro-White people, particularly in Western Europe and America, as soon as they see the site.  Conversely, if they simply notice an article promoting Hitler and NS, alongside the other articles on the site, they are much more likely to be open and learn something from it, having already been comfortable with the rest of the content.

And so, we have a Daily Stormer Banner Contest.

I am not actually sure if this is a contest.  There will only be one prize, which will be having your banner featured at the top of the site.

I very much like the eagle, so I recommend employing some version of that, but other symbols are fine as well for submissions.  We already feature the Celtic Cross on the favicon (in the url bar), but that might be a good symbol to include.  Something simpler with just stylized letters could be good.  Also, if anyone wants to try to use the font used by Streicher’s Der Sturmer, I’d love to see that.

Please make sure the dimensions are correct, and send submissions to:


I will of course make a post featuring all submissions.  I won’t include names, unless you ask me to, as I assume people don’t want their names up unless they say so.

Ultimately, I reserve the right to make the call on which one is used, but I will want to see everyone’s opinions first.

So, if enough submissions come in, we’ll plan on a post displaying them all a week from today.


Donations are always appreciated.

There is a PayPal button at the top right (the above email address also works from inside your PayPal), and you can send cash or a check to this address:

Andrew Anglin
6827 N. High Street, Suite 121
Worthington, Ohio

Note that I work on the site full time, and do need to live.  Every little bit helps.

There is nothing in the world I want to do more than bring the truth to the people, as the people are in desperate need of the truth.  Anything else would feel like a complete waste of time.