Daily Reminder: There was Never an iPhone 9

I just wanted to take the time to give everyone a daily reminder that there was never an iPhone 9.

The “iPhone X” was released after the iPhone 8.

They initially said the “X” meant “ten year anniversary.” It was the first iPhone with no button. They marketed it as a unique item outside of normal numbering. Then they released the iPhone 11, and said that the “X” actually stood for the tenth phone.

There was no 9.

I would assume that the whole thing was focus grouped after the fact, and they found that significant numbers of people thought that the “X” was the 10 series, so they just rolled with it.

I point this out to say: it’s very unprofessional, and shows a total lack of direction at the company.

Apple was the ultimate company when it was run by Steve Jobs, and it is just truly incredible how far they’ve fallen in the decade since his death. They literally got left behind, everywhere. Apple is not doing anything.

Google controls the entire internet. Facebook owns Instagram, multiple messaging apps, and is at the forefront of VR and AI (go read the list of their acquisitions and mergers). Amazon is the dominant retailer in the world, and is moving to take over everything. Microsoft continues to run most computers, has bought up every video game company, is contracting with governments for a QR code coronavirus tracking system. Even Twitter weirdo Jack Dorsey is running Square, which is CashApp, which will become the dominant transactor through its pay-by-phone scheme.

Meanwhile, Apple is planning to sell people a new cellphone that is the same as their old cellphone every year forever. There is absolutely zero innovation, and their software on their machines is getting worse.

Meanwhile, the functionality of a $1200 iPhone is virtually indistinguishable from the functionality of a $200 Chinese Android phone. I’m seeing fewer and fewer iPhones every day.

It is truly incredible the way this company just collapsed because one man died.

It demonstrates the power of one man, actually.

I will say that Tim Cook, who is an analist, may have been paid to take a dive. Tim Cook is often referred to as “Rim Cook,” due to his deranged obsession with men’s anuses. He has squandered the company like he would squander a young boy’s butthole.

Apple was set up to branch out and start dominating markets, and to see that the plan is to sell more phones, to see them trying to replace the keyboard on MacBooks with a touchscreen – it almost seems purposeful. You’d think that some random guy off the street could run the company better than this.

Everyone who knew Steve Jobs hated Steve Jobs, but Apple really was a much better company, in terms of the fundamentals of delivering the thing that you paid for as you paid for it. All of these companies now are involved in these various lunatic schemes.

Maybe the world would be different if it were ran by Steve Jobs instead of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates?

This year is the tenth anniversary of his death. He would be 66 – the same age as Bill Gates.

I wonder if Bill Gates had Steve Jobs killed by somehow exposing him to radiation?

Would anyone be surprised by that?

Would anyone be surprised by anything?

What is even going on right now?