Daily Reminder: Conor McGregor is a Disgusting Professional Loser

Get it? (“Here’s how Bernie can still win” – he can fight Conor McGregor, because Conor loses to everyone.)

Just your daily reminder that Conor McGregor is disgusting.

He’s literally a professional loser. He is a man who gets paid to get beat up, usually by colored folks.

He is never going to win, not at this level. Maybe he should be fighting Jake Paul.

McGregor is a gross cultural influence. He gives the impression that white men are weak. Yes, I hear that his latest ass-whupping was from a white guy, but what McGregor was presented as was a white man’s champion. Then he proceeded to have a downward arc in his career, and he selfishly went to fights he knew he couldn’t win, to be beaten by blacks and Moslems for a cheering media.

Conor McGregor is possibly the single worst element of the entire culture, frankly. He’s more disgusting than the “only blacks allowed” rule for television commercials (and advertisements in general). Imagine being a 5-year-old white boy right now. Imagine what is going through their heads, looking at this society.

The Jews who run the media understand the symbolism of creating a white fighting champion and then having him continually publicly humiliated.

You shouldn’t watch this stuff anymore. It’s horrible. All of it is just horrible. Even if you don’t think it’s affecting you, it actually is affecting you.

If you want to watch something, watch old John Wayne movies.