Daily Reminder: Belle Delphine “Earns” More Than a Million Dollars a Month on OnlyFans

Pictured: Belle Delphine earning a million dollars.

Within a news item about how OnlyFans is trying to change its reputation to attract new investors, we’re reminded that Belle Delphine makes more than a million dollars a month from exploiting addicted men.

News 18:

To improve its image among investors, OnlyFans is seeking to shake off its reputation as a platform for porn, shifting to the mainstream and opening up to a wider audience. Bloomberg recently reported that OnlyFans is hoping to lessen its reputation as a porn site among future investors. To attract advertisers, the platform dubbed the “Instagram of porn” has announced plans to sacrifice some of its NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. At its outset, the British startup wasn’t intended to be an adult entertainment platform. Founded in 2016, the app described itself as a subscription site aimed at helping users monetize their influence. In other words, OnlyFans was intended to allow users to interact with their favourite personalities, in all kinds of sectors.

But very quickly, the lack of censorship on the platform attracted stars from the world of pornography. And the experience even turned out to be quite profitable for some of them, like the actress Belle Delphine, who revealed that she earns $1.2 million per month thanks to her subscribers.

Yeah, she brings a lot of value to the world.

The monthly income reveal starts at 1:18.

She isn’t even pretty, she’s just good at pretending to be 12.

I wish the stupid bitch would do something to help Bitcoin.

There’s all these articles about how she has tens of millions of dollars, but there are none about her investments. The dumb slut is probably just holding the cash.