Daily Reminder: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had a Marriage Ceremony Before Committing Suicide Together

I don’t do gas chamber memes much anymore, because they got played out and sort of just gay and boring.

But it’s important to remember that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had a marriage ceremony before committing suicide together.

I don’t believe there is any such thing as “National Socialist ideology,” and I believe Hitler died way too soon for really much to be drawn from how things would have worked out after his death. I am not sure that “fascism” is really a valid concept of a governmental system. I think people who make that claim are pretty much exclusively cartoonish. I’m much more interested in Jeffersonian Republicanism, which is a system we understand very clearly, and which produced a lot more than Nazi Germany (yes, timescale, I know).

But this idea of Hitler as evil is so absurd that it is impossible to be put into words. The Nuremberg Trials were more absurd than the Jussie Smollett trial, except that in that analogy, Jussie would have won and it would then be made illegal to say he was lying.

Adolf Hitler was a romantic and a visionary and a borderline emo, and there was nothing even remotely “evil” about him. He was the opposite of evil. He was an idealist and a pure soul.

He was literally a painter.

That was presumably a relevant part of the problem of why we lost this war. There needed to be a lot more brutality than there was. The Jews deserved to be shot where they were found instead of sent to resort camps and the entirety of Britain should have been leveled. Stalin should have been bought off.

And other Monday Morning quarterbacking.

And when I say “we lost the war,” I don’t mean Germany.

I mean Christendom, as a whole.

We, the White Christian people, Mother Europa, lost a war to Jewry.

And everything we are experiencing now is part of the fallout from that.

Adolf and Eva killed themselves because they were going to be tortured. Suicide is a mortal sin, which prevents Hitler from Sainthood. But it’s time for him and his wife to get out of purgatory.

Pray for Adolf and Eva.

God didn’t lose the war.

Men lost the war.

But God’s victory is eternal, and this place we are now is going to disappear.

The Kingdom of Heaven awaits, both above and below.

Stay away from the needle.

Stay free.

Eat, drink, and be merry.

God is in control.

May Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on Adolf and Eva, sinners. And may He have mercy on all of us, sinners.

He knows we need it.