DACA Deal if Officially Totally Dead – Better Luck Next Time, Shitholers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2018

As I said – and I am telling you here “I told you so” – the DACA deal is not happening.

I don’t normally do “I told you so,” but this situation with people calling it the end of the world when Trump had that meeting was so absurd that I have to do “I told you so.”

Everyone was saying it was all over, except me and Jazzhands McFeels and a couple other people.


House Republicans considered on Tuesday a stopgap bill to fund the U.S. government through Feb. 16 to avert a shutdown, but the measure would not include Democrats’ demands for protections for young people brought to the United States illegally as children.

Partisan finger-pointing over immigration policy on Tuesday left Congress and the White House stumbling closer to a possible federal government shutdown by the end of the week.

Republicans who control Congress are expected to try to push another stopgap funding bill and get it to President Donald Trump’s desk before a midnight Friday deadline when existing money for federal agencies expires.

The bill would not include protections for the young people described as “Dreamers,” Republican Representative Mike Simpson told reporters after his party’s closed-door meeting.

Many Democrats in Congress have insisted that immigration be a component of the temporary spending bill.

The conservative House Freedom Caucus was to meet late on Tuesday and its head, Representative Mark Meadows, told reporters he did not know if a “compelling” case had been made for another temporary spending bill that would fail to bring the big increases in defense spending his group is seeking.

Republicans were also discussing delaying three Affordable Healthcare Act taxes: two-year delays of a medical device and a “Cadillac” tax for high-end insurance plans and a one-year delay in 2019 of another health insurance tax.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned that a government funding bill should not be held “hostage” to the immigration debate. And the White House director of legislative affairs, Marc Short, told reporters there was “no artificial timeline” for a deal on so-called Dreamers and that it would be “herculean” to get it done by this week.

The negotiating climate has become increasingly poisonous after a sudden halt last week in talks toward a deal to shield the Dreamers from deportation.

Trump rejected a bipartisan agreement reached by a group of senators. Divisions between Republicans and Democrats then deepened amid an uproar over Trump’s reported use of the word “shithole” when speaking about African countries last week. Trump has denied using that word.

No. 2 House Democrat Steny Hoyer said Democrats have not decided whether they will support another continuing resolution and “kick the can down the road one more time.”

The slim Republican margin of control in the U.S. Senate means Trump’s party will need some Democratic support to resolve the government funding stand-off. Democrats have said they want a spending bill that protects the Dreamers, mostly Hispanic young adults.

So, yeah: it’s not happening.

They can shut down the government over this and they will just look like assholes and still end up losing.

The idea that they just love these shitholers so much is becoming less and less believable to the average person. More and more, the fact that they want all of these shitholers because they need their votes is becoming obvious to the majority, with a growing minority noticing that Jews appear to be trying to displace and destroy white people in their own country.

Trump played this all beautifully.

Obviously, we have issues with some of the things that Trump is doing, but when he does something right, attacking him over it is nonsensical.