D.C. Public Schools Spent $30,000 on Each Negro, Yet They Still Can’t Read

Modern Heretic
May 18, 2014

$30,000 a year per pupil and no improvement whatsoever.

Spending money on education does nothing. This isn’t even a controversial statement anymore. It’s been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The alternative to throwing money at genetic determinism is to admit that racial differences in intelligence and behavior exist, the mortal sin of our state religion. The ineffectual waste continues, producing the worst crop of la-teen-oh and negro “teens” in our nation’s history. What goes on in schools today will be what our society looks like tomorrow. What’s going on is police state, negro appeasement, non-assimilation, marxism, victim group mentality, perversion, idiocy, violence and the money of White tax paying suckers being poured down the African and la-teen-oh toilet. This is our future.

The public schools in Washington, D.C., spent $29,349 per pupil in the 2010-2011 school year, according to the latest data from National Center for Education Statistics, but in 2013 fully 83 percent of the eighth graders in these schools were not “proficient” in reading and 81 percent were not “proficient” in math.

Little Barkevious can’t do basic math. Jose speaks less than a hundred words of English, despite being in this country for years. Keep paying Whitey, it’s getting results. Slowly. Very slowly. So slow you can’t actually measure it.

Government has manifestly failed the families who must send their children to these schools, and the children who must attend them.

How we get “government failed” from the starting point of massive investment in non-Whites is one of the bigger mysteries of this article. It might have, but genetic determinism failed first.

D.C. eighth graders scored an average of 248 out of 500 in reading, and Mississippi finished next to last with an average of 253.

Please don’t look at the respective demographics and come to the obvious conclusions.

Only 17 percent of D.C. 8th graders rated “proficient” or better in reading. In Mississippi, it was 20 percent.

Soon they’ll be voting.

Here’s what your money buys.

The Department of Education’s Trial Urban District Assessments program compares the test results in 21 large-city school districts, including Washington, D.C.

The first time I read it as “Tribal Urban District.” That would make more sense, actually.

Among other things, they spent $10,584 per pupil on “instruction,” which “encompasses all activities dealing directly with the interaction between teachers and students.”

It definitely belongs in quote marks.

Then they spent $2,124 on “interest on school debt.”

Unbelievable. We’re good for it, China, honest.

Then they spent $1,613 on “instructional staff,” $1,546 on “school administration,” $1,404 on “student transportation,” $1,208 on “student support,” $866 on “general administration,” $761 on “food services,” $450 on “other support services.”

Massive waste.

Full Story.

Reality wouldn’t go away, even after all the lies, all the inquisitions, all the African School Economics. An 85 I.Q. average places the average negro a full standard deviation below Whites and Asians, a gap that might as well be the Grand Canyon in terms of successfully interacting with a civilized and technologically advanced society. We can’t change that racial difference. Pretending it didn’t exist or could somehow be eliminated is the Flat Earth belief of this age.

Notice the way the chairs have to be attached to the tables in this typical classroom, to prevent the Black students from throwing them around.