Czech Republic: Villages Totally Wiped Out by Tornadoes

I don’t personally think that the government has machines to control the weather.

However, I would not be even a little bit surprised to find out they do have such machines.


More than 150 people have been reported injured and several villages have suffered severe damage as an F3 or F4 category tornado touched down in the countryside in Moravia, along the Czech-Slovak border.

A video circulating on social media captured the spout touching down somewhere between Breclav and Hodonin, in southeast Czechia.

The aftermath of the tornado was also captured on camera. Here is the village of Luzice, with some 3,000 inhabitants.

The mayor of Hrušky, which has a population of 1,500, says half the village was “destroyed.”

Authorities have estimated the number of injuries between 100 and 150 people, but reports of injuries and damage are still coming in.

One Czech TV station said the tornado may have been a F3 or F4 on the Fujita scale, rated at “significant” to “severe” damage. Meteorologist Michal Žák said it was “probably the strongest tornado in recent [Czech]history” and very uncommon in Europe.

Local emergency services have warned citizens not to be outside or on the roads, and described the situation as “damaged houses, fire, traffic accidents, trees on cars and homes.”

Let’s say for a minute – just for the sake of argument – that the DEEP STATE has weather modification machines.

“Let’s just hit up some village in Czech Republic and see what happens” seems like a likely statement from such folks.

We’re just asking questions.

And it’s a valid question to ask, because the coronavirus hoax is flawlessly morphing into the global warming hoax, and the official position on global warming is no longer that it is going to cause sea levels to rise, but instead that it is going to cause tornadoes, floods, droughts and just extreme weather generally.

So, if all of this stuff starts happening at once – I will be suspicious.

We should keep an eye on these matters.