Cyprus: Police Seize an Israeli Spy Van

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2019

The Jews are a race of individuals that cause trouble wherever they go. Not even the small island country of Cyprus is immune from their chicanery. Police just seized an Israeli-owned van with $9 million worth of spy equipment in it after the van was featured in a Forbes report.


Cypriot police said Saturday they had seized an alleged “spy van” equipped with sophisticated surveillance equipment capable of hacking communications and questioned its Israeli owner.

Police began investigating after the opposition communist party AKEL asked what the government was doing about activities undertaken in the van, which was showcased in a Forbes video story broadcast several months ago that only recently went viral in Cyprus.

Cyprus police chief Kypros Michaelides told private radio station Astra that the Israeli owner had given “some explanations,” but he would be questioned further, along with Cypriot nationals.

Forbes had named the owner of the van as ex-Israeli intelligence officer Tal Dilian, who allegedly heads a Cyprus-registered company that owns the vehicle.

It said the $9 million state-of-the-art equipment in the van can monitor electronic devices within a 500-meter radius, hack any phone and listen in to conversations regardless of the level of encryption.

Investigators searched a company premises where the van was located in the southern coastal resort of Larnaca after securing warrants, Cypriot police said.

The Israeli owner gave “some explanations,” they say. But what does that mean exactly? This type of van is not something your average person is going to have sitting in their garage.

There’s only one plausible explanation for an Israeli with Mossad connections having a van with millions of dollars worth of spy equipment in it. That one explanation is that it is being used to spy on people. And this idea that this Jew is an “ex-Israeli intelligence officer” is absurd. There is no such thing.

The NSO Group is an Israeli company that has all sorts of shadowy connections to the Mossad.

Tal Dilian, the Israeli in question, ran a surveillance firm called Circles Technology, which was bought out by the NSO Group in 2014. The NSO Group is an Israeli company widely believed to be founded by people connected to the Mossad. The organization specializes in the remote surveillance of smartphones. They’ve even been accused of having played a role in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

It’s actually quite bizarre that this Jew would openly brag to the media about his fancy spy van and all the amazing capabilities it has. He openly talked about how it could intercept people’s WhatsApp messages and identify people’s locations in the Forbes report. He probably assumed that he could talk openly about these things to the media without anything bad happening to him. Unfortunately for him, his boasting resulted in his expensive spy van getting confiscated.

The Israeli spy van as shown in the Forbes report.

Simply put, no country should have to deal with a foreigner, let alone an Israeli with Mossad connections, running around with a spy van like this. It’s why sane countries in the past have instituted a total ban on Jews. And obviously, banning Jews would greatly lessen the chance of the Mossad doing weird subversive things like this Jew was undoubtedly doing with his spy van.