Cycloptic Zionist Fiend and Dirty Dog Dan Crenshaw Aggressively Shilling Pompeo War Against China

It’s not enough to give one eye to Israel. A true hero would give both eyes and all four of his limbs. A man’s devotion to freedom is measured by how many body parts he’s sacrificed for the Jews. That’s what it means to have American values.

The one-eyed coward who thinks the world owes him because he got his eye shot out while fighting for Jews in the Middle East, Dan Crenshaw, also known as “The Zioclops,” is the new John McCain, and there is no war he doesn’t want to send Americans to fight in.

He is now acting as a surrogate for Mike Pompeo, and is out on the airwaves spewing atrocity propaganda.

Listen, Crenshaw, you no-chin faggot: Xi Jinping might have slanted eyes, but at least he’s got two of them.

Fox News:

The latest move on behalf of the State Department to shutter a Chinese consulate in Houston over concerns of intellectual property theft should serve as a reminder that the Chinese are “not good actors” and proves their disregard of “all the values we hold dear,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw said Friday.

“What we know is that the Chinese have used consolates like this one, and this one might have been their primary hub, to engage in intellectual property [theft], hacking, influence operations, all of the above,” Crenshaw, R-Texas., told the “Fox News Rundown” podcast.

In a statement sent to Fox News, State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus confirmed the directive to shutter the consulate and said it was issued “to protect American intellectual property and Americans’ private information.”

Ortagus said that America will “not tolerate the PRC’s violations of our sovereignty and intimidation of our people, just as we have not tolerated the PRC’s unfair trade practices, theft of American jobs and other egregious behavior. President Trump insists on fairness and reciprocity in U.S.-China relations.”

According to Houston’s KPRC-TV, documents were later burned inside the consulate’s courtyard Tuesday evening, though firefighters responding to the scene were not allowed entry. They also reported that the consulate was ordered to close by Friday along with a compound where many consulate employees live, citing police sources.

“We need to wake up to it and we need to realize that they do not have the same values as most people across the world,” he added. “They don’t have the same values of freedom, respect for human rights, democracy, free trade…they’re acting completely irresponsibly and against all the values we hold dear. “

It’s actually pretty standard operations to burn confidential documents if you’re getting run out of an embassy – which no one would really know, since someone getting run out of an embassy is such a rare occurrence.

We kept our consulates open in Russia – and vice versa – throughout the Cold War. This is an outrageous provocation, which makes sense in no context other than “attempting to start a war.”

Dan Crenshaw needs to stop worrying about Chinese burning documents and start worrying about Jewish Antifa burning government buildings in every city in this country.

Imagine: we have open revolt on the streets, and the Jewish media and people like Dan Crenshaw tell us that now is the time to liberate China in the name of democracy.

Imagine: your house is on fire, your skin is literally crackling, cooking and turning black, your hair is melting, and you’re calmly sitting in your house, looking out the window, and telling your burning children whose eyes are bugging out of their skulls, “the neighbor across the street really needs to use a new fertilizer on his lawn, these blotchy patches are simply unacceptable in a decent neighborhood like this.”

The fact that the dirty dog “Zioclops” is involved in this anti-China operation should be all anyone needs to see that it’s bad, bad news.

I’m sure Dan Crenshaw murdered a lot of Arabs during his duties, and I salute him for those duties. A dead Arab is certainly better than a living one, regardless of the context. But here’s the thing – I like war vets with two eyes, okay?

Seriously though, this guy is like a parody of a shill for the Jews, to the point where it is difficult to believe that he actually even exists, and isn’t some caricature from an Arab political cartoon.

Do you know that this is a real quote?

It’s literally unbelievable to my brain that someone could make that statement. It seems like at the very least you would be worried about people accusing you of being an agent of a foreign government.

I promise you, if we ever get an American-run government in America, this will be cited in Dan Crenshaw’s treason trial.

Don’t be confused: that is what this is. When one of your own citizens who is employed by a foreign government gets into your government and attempts to manipulate you into fighting a war on behalf of the foreign nation that employs him, that is pure treason. There is no way to dress it up as anything else. When Americans do take back control of our country, people like Crenshaw are going to be at the top of the list to appear before the reconciliation committee – long before some kook leftist who tried to implement communism by lighting trash on fire in the street.

When Crenshaw says that China “disregards all of the values that we hold dear,” he is talking about “freedoms.”

We addressed this in our recent piece about Mike Pompeo’s blood libel speech against the chinks. Claiming that America has any freedom at all, let alone that it is more free than China, is simply a lie. 2020 America is the most oppressive country that has ever existed in all of human history.

I’m sure Americans hold freedom dear, but we objectively do not have any freedom. So maybe we should be dealing with that problem before we go around trying to bully people on the other side of the planet into doing freedom harder?

In Crenshaw’s case, this becomes simply cartoonish, as he has actively sought to remove basic freedom of speech protections from the American people, supporting “Anti-BDS” laws that make it illegal for Americans to boycott Israel.

During the Groyper Wars, Crenshaw was targeted for questioning by the lads – he did not do well. His responses to people who had questions for him about his allegiance to a foreign government resulted in intimidation and threats as well as deflection and silencing of critics.

He directly attacked the First Amendment itself, claiming that people who don’t support Israel are “cloaking themselves in the First Amendment.”

He also menaced a lad who asked him a question about his allegiance to Israel, implying he would be doxed and punished for asking. He said, “you’re going to regret that question.”

When he was asked about the Israeli Jews attacking the USS Liberty, he cut the mic and began insulting the questioner as part of a conspiracy to not support Israel.

He is pure scum, he is bottom of the barrel spineless filth, he hates America and only wants to use our country to do the bidding of Jews. He only believes in freedom for Antifa rioters in Hong Kong and so-called Chinese Moslems. When it comes to Americans, he wants us to shut our filthy goyim mouths and bow before our Jewish masters.

I will say again that there is nothing on this earth that makes me more angry than Angela Merkel calling people who oppose the coronavirus lockdown “fact-deniers.” But Dan Crenshaw is very high on that list. He uses emotional triggers to exploit the America people, he pretends to be one of us while working for this hostile foreign government.

I keep talking about the fact that it is pointless for the right-wing to continue to talk about the left, endlessly, because everyone already gets it. Earlier this week, after watching Tucker Carlson, I stayed through and watched Sean Hannity because the President was coming on for an interview, and this guy is still talking about the FBI conspiracy to investigate the Trump campaign. He’s explaining the fraudulent FISA warrant for the six millionth time. We all get it, guy. Now it’s time to do something about it. And the reason nothing is being done about it is that our own people – the Republicans – refuse to do anything about it.

We need to be attacking the Republicans, primarily, and pressuring them into doing something. The right-wing advocates who refuse to attack the Republicans are simply controlled opposition, as I explained in my now-legendary essay on the topic of controlled opposition.

Instead of talking on and on about what a dumb idiot Nancy Pelosi is, right-wing news pundits should be calling for a federal investigation into Dan Crenshaw for being an agent of a foreign government. What he’s doing is already against the law, and charges could be pressed against him for it.

Finally, I just want you people to understand: this war against China is a Jewish agenda. We continue to see people who seem to think this is a good idea, and I am baffled by it. I get accused of being a Chinese shill for saying we shouldn’t have a war with the Chinese.

What if in 2002, I was saying that we don’t want a war with Iraq? People would call me an Islamic shill, no? Of course they would. This is the same exact thing, again, except it is thousands of times worse. A war with China will be a world war. Stop being idiots led around to wars by Jews.

If you’re supporting a war with China because the Jews told you to, this is literally you:

What we need is new trade deals with China, period. Nothing more or less than that. This effort by Mike Pompeo and Dan Crenshaw to start a war has totally shut down trade negotiations, in the middle of an economic collapse.

This economic collapse is going to be much, much worse because China is going to punish us through their total control of American manufacturing.

Seriously: what the hell are you thinking? You want freedom for Antifa rioters? For Moslems? Why on earth would you care?