Cyberpunk Developers Being Sued for Defrauding Investor

Previously: Cyberpunk 2077 is Garbage

A few days before Cyberpunk 2077 came out, when rumors were swirling that the game was actually garbage, I said that although I was looking forward to playing the game, I would be more satisfied by a total failure.

My reasoning here was primarily that watching the failure of such a large game, a game that had embedded its marketing strategy so deeply within the fabric of the internet, would be funny on the level of the final season of Game of Thrones. “Western culture fails to deliver, once again” is an overwhelmingly positive meme, and iconic cultural institutions failing empowers this meme.

Cyberpunk 2077 was a cultural institution before it was released. It was the mythical game to beat all games. This failure is the equivalent of waiting millennia for a prophesied hero, and when the hero finally shows up and the village throws a party for him, he checks in the local village inn, then gets sloppy drunk, kills a hooker and then falls down the stairs and breaks his neck and dies.

In that analogy, the people of the town would realize that there was no great hero coming, and the real heroes were the menfolk of the town itself, who had been holding the town together for centuries, keeping the women and children safe, as they waited for the hero they didn’t really need. Just so, the gaming community has been forced to realize that our heroes were all already here – they are the small devs and publishers that put together solid, fun games, consistently. Larian, Obsidian, inXile, Ludeon, Deep Silver, Supergiant, ConcernedApe, Telltale (RIP), TinyBuild, and also a bunch of Eastern Europeans. Furthermore, the Japs.

It wasn’t just the public that was defrauded by the Polish crime syndicate known as CD Projekt Red – it was also some people who lost more than $60 to the scam.


CD Projekt SA, the Polish video-game publisher of Cyberpunk 2077, was sued by an investor who claims the company misled him about the potential of the error-plagued game whose botched release this month caused shares to dive.

Andrew Trampe sued Thursday in federal court in Los Angeles and seeks to represent other investors who bought the company’s securities.

CD Projekt failed to disclose that Cyberpunk 2077 was “virtually unplayable on the current-generation Xbox or Playstation systems due to an enormous number of bugs,” according to the complaint. As a result, Sony Corp. removed Cyberpunk 2077 from the Playstation store, and Sony, Microsoft Corp. and the company were forced to offer full refunds for the game, according to the complaint.

The company’s American depositary receipts fell 25% in the three days after Cyberpunk 2077 was released on Dec. 10. They fell another 16% after Sony removed the game from its Playstation store on Dec. 18.

Furthermore, the game is selling very poorly, and the CDPR team appears to be trying to cover up or not release the data about how many refunds have been issued – this is a number that could very well be in the millions.


CD Projekt SA’s lower-than-expected sales figures of its troubled Cyberpunk 2077 game disappointed analysts and prompted concern about the timing of future releases.

The Polish studio said it sold more than 13 million copies of the game by Dec. 20, a figure which factors in the number of refund requests the company has received. The update doesn’t include information about the scale of refunds themselves, just providing the net sales number.

Cyberpunk was so plagued by glitches that Sony Corp. pulled the title from its PlayStation store while Microsoft Corp. offered full refunds for Xbox users.

Morgan Stanley downgraded the stock to equal-weight from overweight following the sales update.

It’s very confusing what they even thought, releasing a game that is literally unplayable on most consoles. It actually becomes frustrating to try to figure out what they thought, because it just doesn’t make any sense. Sure, they can trick a certain number of people into preordering it, but is that worth sacrificing all of their brand loyalty? It’s possible that the new people who have been brought onto the company over the last few years just don’t even care, or liked the idea of destroying the company – in fact, that might be the single simplest explanation for this.

This has officially become the worst disaster in gaming history. We are not likely to see another game of this size released, ever.

The funniest thing about this total failure of a game is that it was the result of moves at CDPR to include “diversity” on their team. Signing on to this program, you see, means more than simply including a bunch of liberal messaging in the games. There was a lot of leftist messaging in the game, but whatever rage that would normally cause was buried by the overwhelmingly poor quality of the game generally.

In that sense, this is a massive victory for #Gamergate. The SJWs took over the industry – then they completely destroyed it, creating the biggest disaster in gaming history, and we’re sitting over here laughing playing Graveyard Keeper with our fun music, patriarchal white male characters, and talking donkey.

From this point on, we won’t even need a boycott campaign to stop people from feeding the beast that is the AAA gaming industry. It has collapsed under its own weight, and is now producing games that no one wants to play.

The exodus from AAA gaming continues, and this brings money and creativity into the smaller studios. Kids growing up today don’t have a dream of going to work for Blizzard, instead they want to start their own dev studios. The future is looking very good for gaming. That’s a good thing, as everything else looks horrible. At least when we’re hiding out in the hills from the New World Order 666 Beast Vaccine Antichrist, we’ll have something fun to play.