Cyber Pandemic: Global Shutdown as World’s Largest Meat Processing Company is Hit with Alleged Ransomware

The coronavirus hoax will never end, of course. They are going to continue vaxxing, continue pushing for vaxx passports, the QR codes, the face scanners, and on and on.

However, some of the lockdown stuff is probably going to be harder in certain countries, as people have gotten exhausted with it. They will keep doing it randomly here and there, and Britain will probably just keep doing it continually, maybe France as well.

On the whole, it does look like the focus is about to shift from that agenda onto an agenda of “cyber pandemic.”

As we’ve discussed previously at some length here, this is something that the Davos World Economic Forum has been promoting, and all of a sudden – there it is.


The world’s largest meat processing corporation, JBS, was hit by a cyberattack which disrupted meat production in the US, Canada and Australia, and forced many workers to stay home.

The intrusion on Sunday has targeted the company’s servers in North America and Australia, JBS USA said in a statement.

The company clarified that its “backup servers were not affected,” and specialists were working to restore operations as soon as possible. It added that there was no evidence that any customer, supplier or employee data had been compromised.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that numerous deliveries of cattle were canceled in the state of Queensland, forcing cow trucks to turn around.

Grazier Colin Baker told the broadcaster he had to send the cattle back because “the meatworks was going to be shutting for an indefinite amount of time.”

ABC cited Andrew Foden, the head of the Australian Meat Industry Employees’ Union in Tasmania, saying that thousands of meat workers across the country were sent home as a result of the hack. JBS runs 47 facilities and employs around 11,000 people in Australia, according to AP.

JBS Australia CEO Brent Eastwood told Australian beef industry news website Beef Central on Sunday that he could not say how long the stoppage on the company’s operations would last.

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said on Tuesday that although JBS makes up for around 20% of Australia’s processing production, he was expecting “significant impacts on exports so long as this isn’t a protracted shutdown.”

Littleproud told ABC Radio that the government was closely working with JBS and it is “too early” to say if the meat packing company was hit by a ransomware attack.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that of all of the possible targets, the first big one was an oil pipeline and the second big one is a meat company.

It just happens to be, by very convenient fortuitousness, that shutting down fossil fuels and ending meat consumption are Bill Gates’ top two agendas behind the virus agenda.

It’s just impossible to believe that anyone believes any of this anymore, frankly.

Note that the US Government is not really even bothering to blame Russia – yet. After the pipeline was hacked, Joe Biden said that Russia didn’t do it but that it was their responsibility to fix it.

Seriously – that was the statement.

Putting the weirdness of that aside: probably these first attacks are just intended to get people familiar with the idea of the cyber pandemic.

This is all continuing to happen alongside the decaying collective consciousness of the population, which makes people more ready to accept whatever.

You know the old saying: “things are going to get dumber before they get stupider.”

So don’t expect the virus thing to disappear – that still has a lot of steam, and they might go ahead and do a full lockdown again in the fall as a result of “variants” which they will blame on the unvaxxed.

But I do think the focus will shift to this cyber stuff, which is going to start shutting down entire parts of the economy in a targeted way.

No one is being arrested or named as a suspect in these ransomware attacks, they are just appearing as a kind of force of nature, like the virus. Of course, it is obvious that the only people capable of doing this would be Western intelligence services. But it doesn’t matter if things are obvious anymore.