Cuomo: Lockdowns Will be Determined “Block by Block”

You may remember that I told you that they were going to shrink the areas of lockdown regulations, so they can start targeting specific neighborhoods and then move around which neighborhoods people are allowed to move in, using a color coded system.

Well, the UK just announced a color coded system.

Now, the governor of New York is talking about setting specific regulations for each block.

“Micro-cluster strategy” is the term they came up with for the thing I told you they were going to do.

ABC News:

Amid rising COVID-19 cases nationwide and a crackdown on a wedding in Brooklyn that reportedly planned to have 10,000 attendees, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Saturday announced a new strategy for combating COVID-19 into the fall and winter months by targeting micro-clusters.

Cuomo said that targeting coronavirus would no longer be at the statewide or regional level, but “block-by-block.”

“For fall we are going to deploy a micro-cluster strategy. We have been targeting all our actions either … statewide … or we reopened on a regional level. We are now going to analyze it block-by-block,” he said. “We have data so specific that we can’t show it because it could violate privacy conditions. We know exactly where the new cases are coming from.”

Cuomo said Orange, Rockland, Queens and Brooklyn counties contain micro-clusters.

Cuomo also detailed how New York state officials have cracked down on a planned wedding in Williamsburg which they allege would have brought together “upwards of 10,000 individuals.”

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office tipped off authorities to the Monday wedding which would have taken place outside the state’s cluster zones in Brooklyn. An order signed by the state health commissioner was served last night by the New York City Sheriff’s Office to halt the wedding.

The governor said micro-clusters would be declared “red zones.” Areas buffering red zones would be deemed “orange zones” depending on COVID-19 cluster density and areas outside buffer zones would be “yellow zones,” also depending on cluster density.

“A cluster signifies a lack of compliance, common sense. The only answer is more enforcement,” Cuomo said.

What they are doing is setting up a total control grid where they can regulate the movement of the population in very specific ways.

You’re going to have to have special papers to move between districts within cities. Just like in Half-Life 2 and many other dystopian science fiction you may be familiar with.

I can guarantee you that Cuomo’s “micro-cluster” system is going to soon be linked to a color code system. They will then be able to pull up maps of areas, and decide where and when people in those areas are allowed to move, how much they are allowed to move, etc.

This is an absolute control grid being implemented, right in front of your face, and the goyim are still running around like morons scared to death of a mild flu virus that only is alleged to kill people in their 80s and 90s.