Cunt Overload: New Zealand’s Cuntocracy Plans Total Ban on Cigarettes

You thought a cuntocracy would be funny?

Well, who’s laughing now?


New Zealand is currently mulling a series of proposals aimed at eliminating smoking in the country, including a radical initiative that would prohibit the sale of tobacco to an entire generation.

Under the country’s Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan, New Zealand hopes to gradually increase the legal smoking age and ultimately prohibit cigarette sales to anyone born after 2004. The initiative also calls for a significant reduction in the level of nicotine allowed in tobacco and places restrictions on where cigarettes can be sold. The government would also set a minimum price for all tobacco products.

As the name of the plan suggests, the goal is to phase out tobacco use in the country over the next few years, creating a “smoke free” New Zealand by 2025. The country’s Health Ministry explained that while smoking rates have declined over the past decade, “much work still needs to be done,” particularly to reduce tobacco use among “Maori, Pacific peoples and those living in our most disadvantaged communities.”

New Zealanders have been invited to “provide feedback” about the action plan, which was formally released on Thursday. Residents will have until May 31 to share their thoughts on the matter before it enters the next phase towards becoming law.

These cunts claim to love you and to be your mommy, but do they love you?

Are they your one true mommy?

Obesity is very high in New Zealand, and (at least) approaches that of Americans, making it the second fattest country in the Anglosphere.

Let me hit you with a Fast Fact on Fatness (FFF): it’s less healthy to be fat than it is to be a smoker.

Here’s another FFF: fatness is almost entirely a result of government inaction on food regulations, while smoking is a personal choice.

Most fat people are fat because they don’t understand health and fitness, and assume that the food they buy at the store is real food. The government could easily fix most of this – returning obesity to historical levels, which are maybe 2-3% – by regulating what corporations are allowed to put in the food they sell.

But for some reason, these mommy-type governments are very selective about what health problems they care about.

I guess some of it is just related to the mommy aspect: mommies let their little good boys get fat and plump, but smoking is for the bad boys.

The list of hypocrisies is endless.

Another great example is that every estimate of the number of people who are going to die as a result of the lockdowns is higher than the maximum number of people who would have died if everyone on earth had gotten infected with the virus.

Of course, with the lockdowns, there is a clear agenda to change society. What is banning smoking about?

I have no idea. Probably, nicotine is a sacred substance that makes people smarter and increases critical thinking skills. I don’t smoke anymore, but if it were not for the advent of vaping, I would smoke.

Furthermore, people who don’t smoke are gay faggots.

This article originally said that whites in New Zealand are fatter than whites in America. A reader took issue with that, noting that racial data is not available for New Zealand, and their national population’s fatness level is lower than American whites. I think that if New Zealand released racial data on obesity, their whites would be fatter than American whites, given that NZ’s minority populations are not prone to obesity. Maybe Maoris are prone to obesity, but the Asians and Pacific Islanders are not. But I don’t have that data, so I’ve corrected the statement.