Cultural Enrichment: Diverse Vibrants Force White Boy to Open His Mouth as They Urinate on His Face

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2019

Do you know what Sweden’s greatest strength is?

It’s diversity.

Getting randomly attacked by immigrants, who force you to open your mouth while they piss on your face, makes you stronger. It makes the whole country stronger.

Just take a look:

That is a strong country.

If you don’t agree with that statement, you are pure evil, and you should be in prison.


In recent years, a new phenomenon of “domination crime” has emerged across Scandinavia, referring to gross unprovoked violence with the intention to humiliate.

A video of an immigrant gang humiliating a Swedish boy by beating him and urinating on him, published by the news outlet Samhällsnytt, has sparked strong reactions in the Scandinavian nation.

In the video, at least two perpetrators are seen and heard hitting and kicking the boy, while calling him names such as “bastard” and “motherf****r”, and forcing him to open his mouth.

It is yet unclear when and where the abuse took place, but Samhällsnytt alleged it occurred in Stockholm.

It’s a good thing he cooperated and opened his mouth so they could urinate in it. It would have been pure hatred for the color of the skin if while these beautiful, vibrant children were urinating on his face, he refused to open his mouth.

In fact, I think under Swedish law, if he’d refused to open his mouth while immigrants were urinating on his face, he could have been sentenced to up to two years in prison.

Unfortunately, Sweden is still filled with virulent hatred for the color of the skin, and some people reacted with negativity towards this beautiful act of vibrancy.​

​“I’m boiling with rage. I suffer so immensely with the Swedish boy in the clip. Do you politicians even understand what you have done? These damn lowlifes must get out of this country. Age does not matter. They are going out!” journalist Mira Aksoy tweeted.

No, Mira.

They’re not going out.

They are more Swedish than you are, because they understand the true values of Sweden, which are vibrancy and brown people urinating in your mouth.

Another individual, who feels nothing but hatred simply because these innocent mouth-urinating children have a different skin color, actually commented satirically, implying that these mouth urinators were not doctors, and that this boy shouldn’t be grateful for having these children urinate in his mouth.

He also implied that Sweden had a culture before Islam arrived (it did not).

​​“Cultural enrichment. These doctors, engineers and taxpayers only share their culture, you understand. He should be grateful for this because he as a Swede has no culture whatsoever and would never manage without their indispensable help in society. Understand that!” another one scoffed bitterly, satirising the official rhetoric about immigration.

This is definitely an illegal tweet, and I hope this person is already in jail.

For the record, there is no evidence that the New Swedes who urinated in this boy’s mouth were not doctors, engineers and taxpayers, and given the high intelligence of Moslems (invented algebra, anyone?), it is very likely that they were doctors and engineers. They may even have been astrophysicists and brain surgeons. If they were not, it is only because their countries have a bad education system, because they are still recovering from the Crusades.

For those of you who feel broken-hearted by the fact that so many skin-haters are attacking these vibrants simply for expressing their unique cultural heritage by urinating on this boy’s face and forcing him to open his mouth, please take comfort in the fact that the Scandinavian courts refuse to prosecute this sort of thing, as they recognize that it is not a “crime” – and is in fact the opposite of a crime.

​So-called “domination crimes”, a new crime description coined in Denmark, have been spreading across Scandinavia. The term refers to gross, unprovoked violence with the intention to humiliate, in particular committed by immigrants against locals.

According to the news outlet Document, domination crime is taboo in Norwegian courts, despite numerous occurrences. According to Document, instead of throwing the book at the perpetrators, they receive a penalty discount for coming from a different culture.

“Cases are being explored for extenuating circumstances. This is how perpetrators get the feeling of having special rights”, Document reported.

Someday, Sweden will be truly free of hatred.

But sadly, that day will only come when there are no more white people in the country.

That is why we need to continue to inform Swedish girls that if they have children, they will cause global warming, while we continue to import millions upon millions of Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis and Africans into the country.

A better world awaits.

We simply have to work for it.

Thankfully, the Jewish people are working hard to make sure that in the near future, there will be no more white people in Sweden.