Cucktucky to Speed-Up Removal of Confederate Heroes After Crashocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2017

Is the media really mad about the fact that James Fields plowed a car into a bunch of worthless niggers and communists? Or is this just pure, unadulterated player-hate? Maybe those complaining about Fields should instead consider hating the game.

Exactly six million people were killed yesterday when a car driven by a rabid, blood-drinking Neo-Nazi White Supremacist terrorist CHALLENGED a crowd of protesters with his sleek Dodge.

Now, Kentucky is doing the reasonable thing: speeding up the removal of the thing responsible for this road rage incident: historical monuments to men of the Confederacy.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray broke the news on Twitter yesterday.

You see, hate is against America. It is against everything that we stand for.

However, the problem is that our entire nation’s history is based on it.

Mayor Jim Gray insists that he simply hates all white people. However, critics have accused him of hating players, and being bitter about how James Fields “rolled like a boss.”

So in order to make it clear what this nation is supposed to be – in order to support the principles that it was founded upon – we have to totally erase our entire history as a nation.

Because our Founding Fathers said: all men were created equal.

So that is what our nation is founded on.

However, they didn’t believe nonwhites were people. By accident, they didn’t believe that, even though their principles were that blacks are exactly the same as whites and everyone is the same.

Eventually, we’re going to have to tear down the statues of the Founding Fathers themselves, of course, because they were evil, and that will be the only way to support our nation’s founding principles.

And just to be clear: Mayor Jim Gray is not doing this because he hates the way James Fields rolled, or that he hates players generally. Mayor Gray believes deeply that players should be treated with the same respect as all others. His attack on Confederate monuments is purely due to a hatred of the white race – not players and not people who roll deep.