Cucktianity: Pope Wants Europe Invaded

Modern Heretic
August 29, 2015

Can we send this to Vatican City?

The papacy has changed a lot in the modern era, becoming just another thoroughly kosher, cultural marxist and increasingly irrelevant office playing its own small role in White genocide. Gone are the days when Urban II rallied Europe against the invasion of moe-ham-head-dan scum, when Whites wearing crosses escorted the brown animals into hell. “I just hope the fall of Constantinople doesn’t lead to the unfair villification of Muslims” is not a comment you would have heard. White nations were healthy and the moose-limb and jew enemy were condemned by our spiritual leaders.

Today’s catholic church resembles a harem towel-boy eunuch more than a crusader, offering up one pathetic surrender to the foreign invader after another, perhaps vainly hoping that St. Peter’s won’t become a mosque within this century. Maybe if we completely surrender the jihadan will spare us, if we offer the most pitiful appeasement imaginable to an alien culture, race and religion that wants to rape our women and slit our throats everything will somehow work out. Perhaps a man used to concealing pedophile buggery has the solution.

We need a lot more of this in White countries.


Pope Francis has called the rejection of migrants fleeing violence “an act of war”.

Welcome to Europe following the scourge of the jewish century, where defending your own borders is now an act of aggression, where refusal to die is an offense to a violent and moronic alien menace. You don’t want to be called names by the feckless and effeminate leader of a false and dying church, do you? Stop resisting the jew-promoted genocide, it’s wrong.

Speaking to a youth group, he said the situation where desperate migrants were bounced from country to country seeking shelter was “an unresolved conflict… and this is war, this is violence, it’s called murder”.

Failure to sufficiently prostrate yourself before an invading army is murder. If you think this turd actually has a direct line to God you’re out of your mind. This is demonic madness, blood-letting and rape in the name of good feelings, the most important thing there is next to worshiping g*d’s chosen.

In his speech on the island of Lampedusa in southern Italy the Pope called on European powers to do more to help the migrants that have been arriving on the island, according to the Gazzetta del Sud.

More always needs to be done, this is rule zero of cultural marxism. Europe’s unprecedented and suicidal generosity toward the foreign invader is insufficient, our White homelands aren’t dying fast enough. Give the dark monster anything it wants and then watch the gratitude as cars burn and your daughter gets raped. Camp of Saints insanity is needed to “save” Europe.

More than 2,000 migrants are believed to have died in the past eight months while making the journey across the treacherous Mediterranean sea in overfull, unseaworthy boats operated by people smugglers, according to Doctors Without Borders. 

Some of the bombs we dropped on you didn’t detonate. This makes you a monster. An enemy army sinks to the bottom, prayers to their desert idols choked by sea water, their dreams of attacking the defenseless kufir ended. We should feel very guilty.

Trust us.