Cucktianity: Dyke Swedish Bishop Welcomes Muslim “Angels”

Modern Heretic
October 9, 2015

Mentally defective scumbag delivers the deathblow to Sweden’s Church.

It’s not often that you see so many of the kosher ills devouring Western society come together in a single story. “Intersectionality” as the marxists call it. We’ve got a lesbian witch holding authority in a “church,” the invasion of foreign garbage and the most pathetic appeasement imaginable, placing the animal motives of the dangerous outsider ahead of any alleged loyalty to Christ.

Suffice it to say, this happened in Sweden. I know, but the truth is this kind of spiritual rot is rapidly spreading in almost every White nation. Take down your symbols, abandon your culture and religion, make your sick and perverted sexual urges the primary reason to keep gulping down air. The long jewish march through the culture has been effective. The long night follows.



Sweden’s Eva Brunne has quite the penchant for firsts. As a cleric in the Scandinavian nation’s national church, she’s of but a handful of women ever elevated to her own episcopate. She also is the first open lesbian to be named a bishop in the 72 million members strong Lutheran World Federation.

This madwoman holds authority, in direct defiance of the Bible’s instructions for the Church, over a rapidly shrinking group of do-gooders, sodomites, dying out elderly who are in denial about the rot and gutless cowards. This power is being used to completely dismantle and destroy what took centuries to build. This demonic evil is quietly accepted in a doomed nation because tolerance and apathy are the only remaining virtues.

Brunne also has the dubious distinction of being the first member of the Swedish Church’s hierarchy to call for the removal of all Christian signs and symbols from a Christian church as to make welcome the rather sizable Muslim immigrant wave that has recently come to call Sweden home.

It will make it much easier to convert it into a mosque when that time comes, possibly very soon. Might want to practice holding up your chin for the scimitar, too. A nation with strong spiritual anchors doesn’t meekly surrender to foreign invasion. Before that could happen the jew needed to undermine this, promoting materialism, careerism, nihilism, the sodomite agenda, feminism and every other leering, bloody-mouthed head on the jewish hydra.

Brunne is requesting, but not ordering, that the Seamen’s Mission Church in Stockholm’s eastern dockyards not only remove all overtly Christian sign and symbols, but also establish a prayer room in the church specifically for Muslims.

You could still say no, but it’s Sweden so don’t hold your breath. Take down the cross, throw the Bible in the garbage, make sure Moe-ham-head has a special room to worship its moon god. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to how low today’s JUDEO-christian will sink. Maybe next year add special rape rooms for the moose-limbs.

As well, Brunne is seeking that directional arrows pointing the way to Mecca be prominently displayed.

This I support. Here’s the way to Mecca, Habbibbi. Get going. Let me help your “pilgrimage” with a boot on your rear end.

Taking to social media, Brunne explained on the Lutheran Diocese of Stockholm’s official website that she considers those who disagree with her proposal to be “stingy towards people of other faiths.”

Being called “stingy” is practically a glass of cool water on a hot day after the usual refrain of “races,” “xenophobic,” “afrophobic,” “nawrtzee,” etc. Let’s be generous with our spiritually deceased church. I’m pretty sure Jesus said all faiths were equally good and you can get to heaven by bowing to a giant rock or a collection of idols.

As reported, Brunne has made known she considers Muslim visitors to the Seaman’s church as “angels.”

Woe to the ones that call evil good and good evil.

Supporters of the proposal have noted that a number of airport and hospital chapels have no discernible signs of Christianity on display.

And those are directly equivalent to an actual church building, right?

Despite her request that the church in question be made more accommodating to the followers of Mohammed, she faces clerical criticism from within.

It’s implied that this criticism of unbelievable treason to Christ is surprising, and with today’s eunuch harem towel-boy church it actually is.

Fr. Petterson has also taken to social media noting there is no way one could legitimately equate a consecrated church with a prayer room, remarking “I should have thought a bishop would be able to tell the difference.”

I should have thought a demon-possessed dyke wouldn’t be a good choice for leadership, too.

Calling the Brunne’s words “theologically unthinking,” he also rhetorically asked “What was to be done with crucifixes screwed to the walls, and heavy items such as baptismal fonts?”

The muslims will smash all that when they take over, just be patient.

Angels in vaguely human form.