Cuckspiracy: Evidence That m00t Shut Down /pol/ Because a Jewess Cucked Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2014

Note: If you have not been following the /pol/ shutdown drama because you don’t use /pol/, please skip this article.  Many of our readers are also /pol/ users, so I am obliged to report on this drama.  Plus it is funny.

There are only three absolute truths in the universe, one of which is this.
There are only three absolute truths in the universe, one of which is this.

Well, as it turns out, it seems that /pol/ was right and the CEO of Troll Inc. shut down /pol/ because he was cucked by a Jewess.  This also has something to do with #Gamergate.  All of every weird Jew thing is related in some way though, so we won’t dwell on it.

Sometimes, it's just that simple.  Other times not.
Sometimes, it’s just that simple. Other times not.

Here real name is Mallory Greitzer, her internet aliases are yourpalmal and Mallory Blair.  The CEO of Troll Inc. took her to Europe and carried her luggage.  She is an SJW and works for Gawker.  She is also a Jewish Internet Princess.


Her father is a wealthy Merchant who once paid to have the entire Empire State Building lit up for a Jew holiday.

She was obsessed with the CEO of Troll Inc. and wrote her college thesis on 4chan.

This picture explains all of the details of this situation.
This picture explains all of the details of this situation.

According to rumors being spread by internet people who are never wrong, she never had sex with him and then had sex with a bunch of other guys.

The conspiracy that she was responsible for the #gamergate ban on 4chan was revealed in September.

Yes, we figured.
Yes, we figured.

She then dressed up for Halloween as the conspiracy.

Next she'll admit to doing the WTC
Next she’ll admit to doing the WTC


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The Cucking:


Also, a lot of general whorishness:

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So, what does all of this conspiracy mean?  Probably, the CEO of Troll Inc. shutdown gamergate because this Jewess was like “my shekels, goyim, me love you long time” and he was like “yes thank you so much Jewess Princess, I’ve shut them down, I’ll take you to Europe now” and then she didn’t even have sex with him the whole trip and came home and cucked him with hundreds – possibly thousands – of men.

So then /pol/ was like “you got cucked” and he flipped out and shut them all down, due to his feelings.

Either that, or this is a complicated conspiracy to cover up another simpler conspiracy – maybe Jews just gave him a bunch of money or threatened to kill him.

Recently, he has made some posts indicating he has gone to far with destroying /pol/ completely, and will bring it back eventually with “new rules.”  He also indicated he was purposefully driving away all posters who matter.

Whatever the case, 4/pol/ is obviously dead forever.  Like I said, whatever you think about gamergate, as soon as he shut that down it was only a matter of time.

This is Terrible

Though I was not personally effected by this too much, as I was already on fullchan, I now realize that it is terrible.

It is terrible because 4chan was one of the most popular English-language sites in the world, and having the largest anti-Jew, pro-Hitler board there was extremely helpful, as it linked all of our materials to the mainstream, directly.  Now that link is gone, and /pol/ is going to become some weird SJW Jewfest.

I respect anyone who attempts to save this ship.  But I don’t believe it can be done.