Cuckservative Robert Stacy McCain Bans All “Scum” White Nationalists from His Comments Section [UPDATE]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2015

RS McCain: A man on a mission to stand humiliated as Israel steals the resources his ancestors worked for
RS McCain: A man on a mission to stand humiliated as Israel steals the resources his ancestors worked for

The “new right” (also known as the “alt-right,” generally referred to as the “altistic right”) is a den of cuckoldry.

Despite the known reality that Whites are the only people who, as a collective, will ever support right wing politics in a White country, these cuckservatives delight in shaming Whites and promoting a belief in “diversity” (ie fewer White people in White countries).

A key supporter of multicultural new rightism, Robert Stacy McCain, recently accused users of the term and hashtag “#cuckservative” of being secret agents working for Hillary Clinton.

On his blog, The Other McCain, he was inundated with complaints from Whites after he attacked them for daring to stand up for their own interests, and posted the following in regards to these attacks:

Hopefully the flood of racist/white nationalist/Nazi idiots is becoming a trickle now that I’ve blacklisted about two dozen of the scum, but I’m shutting down comments after a couple of days wherever they’ve been pooping -just to be on the safe side and incidentally to frustrate any late-arriving subliterate fools. However, I feel it necessary to remind our Loyal Commenters of the First Rule of Troll Feeding here at The Other McCain, and that rule is DON’T. Most of you have been here long enough that I shouldn’t have to remind you, but evidently I must. The second rule, of course, is to let me know I need to bring the banhammer and the mop to the comments. Thanks, by the way, to Loyal Commenter (or lurker, who knows) R*H*, who did a great job of calling in the fire support today. If you’re ever in Vegas, I got some BOGO coupons for beer & Jack Daniels at one of the local casinos you can help me use up.

His original defense of cuckoldry cited his belief that America should be used as an engine to defend the Jewish race.

He wrote:

When Ace of Spades called attention to the #cuckservative hashtag attack on conservatives, I was puzzled. WTF is this?

Well, today they started jumping up in my Twitter mentions, and I began to investigate. There is a definite “walks like a duck” vibe with these trolls. When I encounter people (a) attacking Republicans from the Right who (b) seem to view Jewish influence as a problem within the GOP, I become concerned. This is toxic politics. People have a right to their own opinions. I’ve actually been accused of “hate” for defending people’s right to their own opinions. If America is a free country, our liberty must include The Freedom to Hate. I hate Auburn University and Canada, not necessarily in that order. I am and have always been a philo-semite and am perhaps more Zionist even than Netanyahu.

This was a clear admission of cuckservatism.

If you are an American and yet believe that it is the duty of America to put the interests of a foreign country and people above her own interests, you are a cuckold.

These cucks who feel pleasure at watching Jews humiliate their country will flail around in an attempt to defend their position by claiming that Israel’s interests and America’s coincide, and thus they are not betraying their own country by supporting Israel.

However, the fact is that there is virtually no overlap of interests between Israel and America. Israel is a bottomless pit down which American taxpayers throw money. It is the singular source of our war with the Moslems, which has benefited us exactly zero.

Ask Robert Stacy McCain what single interest we have in defending the Jew state.

Oh wait – you can’t ask him. He’s banned everyone who supports White interests from his comments section.

But wait. He has Twitter.

Hold on, I’ll ask him.

I’ll give an update if he responds.


Got the response.

Old people should not try to meme. It is so gay. Instead, they should write commentary on memes, such as Kevin MacDonald does.

Not surprised he didn’t even attempt to answer a simple question.