Cucks, Kikes and Cubans Attack Future-Speaker Steve King for Defending White Western Civilization

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2017

As we reported yesterday, Stormer-endorsed candidate Steve King defended our civilization in racial terms on twitter this week.

A hero is rising.

His name: Steve King.

And our enemies gather against him.

A cuck:

A kike:

And a Cuban:

Yes, Carlos. You are someone else’s baby.

And you need to get the hell out of my country.

You have your Monkey Island adventures to attend to.

That secret isn’t going to figure itself out, Carlos.

Get crackin.

Kristol needs to go to Israel.

Dean I think should probably kill himself.

Steve King will be our Speaker of the House.

This will happen.

Ryancare is crashing and burning in a Fast and Furious-tier explosion. This is going to be the end of his career.

It’s time for KING STEVE to take his place below the throne of the GOD EMPEROR.

By the way, we need Steve King memes ASAP.

Make them, spread them.

We already memed a man President, we can meme a man Speaker.