Cucks and Whores Living in Japan Protest Trump’s Visit (No Japanese Attend)

Daily Stormer
November 6, 2017

Trump teaching Abe how to feed Koi like a boss

You know what’s funny? Most of the hateful, bigoted things that Trump promised in his campaign – Japan already has them, and much more “radical” too. They have some of the strictest immigration laws in the world, and the few Moslems they let in are all openly and legally under surveillance by default, they tolerate no notion of (((multiculturalism))), they keep their traditions no matter what foreigners think about them, they do not give any kind of welfare to foreigners…

That’s also why Japs can also do things like walk the streets without getting rammed by a truck or getting assaulted and killed for no reason (always for no reason), which are luxuries if you’re living in north America or Western Europe.


Protesters in Tokyo have held a rally to oppose US President Donald Trump’s policy on North Korea.

About 100 people gathered in the capital’s Shibuya district on Sunday, when Trump arrived in Japan for the first leg of his Asian tour.

The rally was organized by the Japanese branch of the US Democratic Party. The participants included American residents of Japan.

Wait, what? Why does the Democrat Party have a branch in Japan? And what kind of party organizes protests against their own president in another country? Are these people retarded or something?

Well, they certainly look retarded…

But none of them are Japanese, just some bitches, cucks and a nigger.

Where are the Japanese?

Oh, here they are.


They also held placards demanding that Trump stop tweeting about North Korea and give up the military option for dealing with the country.

An American woman said she was scared when North Korea fired a ballistic missile that flew over Japan. She criticized Trump for making irresponsible remarks on Twitter about the North and for not caring about anyone but himself. She said Trump should be booted out.

Yeah, protesting the guy most likely to actually stop North Korea from nuking you is the right way to make sure you don’t get nuked…

BTW, did you guys know that Japan, being essentially the Third Reich with slanted eyes, doesn’t really like it when foreigners bring their problems to their country?

And that when they catch one doing it, they don’t renew his visa anymore?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m gonna go partake in Japan’s favorite pastime.

Anime is #2, believe it or not