Cuckold Paul: The Man Who Spoke But Never Said Anything

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

August 24, 2015

Rand Paul – known as “the herp who couldn’t derp” – is like a science fiction character: a man who is able to speak in sentences without ever communicating actual information of any kind.

I guess that sums up all of the cucks.

Anyway, his latest interview, with Chris Jansing of Meet the Press, is notable, simply because it is so ridiculous, demonstrating the state of cuckservatism.

Rand's wife took this photo of him reaching down to begin prepping Al Sharpton.
Rand’s wife took this photo of him reaching down to begin prepping Al Sharpton.

No one cares about your tax plans or big government or any of this other crap, cuck.

We want these brown people dealt with.


Here’s what he says about Trump.

Rand Paul: So it is important that the front runner on the Republican side is a disaster in a general election. He’s like ‘Here Hillary Clinton, have the election.’ Democrats are applauding saying. [Rand Applauds]

Chris Jansing: So why is Donald Trump doing so well on the the polls, senator?

Paul: Well 90 percent of the people are unhappy about what is going on in Washington. I’m one of them.

Jansing: And that was suppose to be your supporters who…

Paul: Well, I still am unhappy.

Jansing: Have said all along he is the antiestablishment, he, he is the anti-Washington candidate. He’s usurped that from you.

Paul: Well, I think what it is, and people are going to have to decide, and this, I don’t think it is over. This is the beginning of the process. I think people are going to have to decide whether they want someone who can say, “Well she’s fat” and “Yeah, and I’m so good looking” or “She’s stupid,” or “I’m rich” or “I’m smart because I’m rich.” We have to decide whether we want sort of empty platitudes or whether we are going to look at substance. You know, I’ve put forward a flat tax, I’ve put forward a plan to balance the budget in five years, and I’ve been part of an intellectual movement that’s been around really since World War II. That has been fighting against large government that is all consuming and all involved in our lives. And I think for, for Donald Trump, basically, conservatives are going to have to decide if he is a fake conservative or not. And I think truly he is a fake conservative, because he has been on every side of every issue in the last five years.

Jansing: Well, that’s a good case in point though. You mock him, you imitated him for some of the words that he has used. But you’ve called him a “fake,” a “bully,” an “empty suite.” Have you employed some of the same tactics that you criticize in him?

Paul: Well we back them up with substance. And the substance is, that basically, he was for Obamacare, he was the leading advocate of a single-payer system. The Tea Party movement that I rose out of. This conservative sort of rebellion, we were unhappy with Republicans who voted for bigger government. So I think they will be unhappy again if they get someone like Trump because he was for Obamacare, he was for the bank bailouts. He’s been a big fan of Hillary Clinton’s. You know, so I really don’t think that a businessman who says things like, “I give money to politicians so they will do whatever the hell I want.” That’s part of the problem. I mean I ran against a Washington where you can buy and sell politicians. And here’s a guy who brags about buying and selling politicians. It’s like, that is precisely what is wrong with the system.

Also worth noting: this is the candidate Alex Jones is supporting, while claiming that Trump is part of a conspiracy organized by Hillary Clinton to destroy him.