Cuckold Football Coach “Forgives” Wife for Having Sex with 16-Year-Old Player

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2017

Having an ugly wife won’t save you from female hypergamy. 

There is nothing more viscerally embarrassing than picking up your wife’s phone and seeing pictures of her getting it on…with a high school student.

Imagine being a varsity football coach and the players are passing around pictures of them banging your wife while snickering – where does that leave a man’s dignity? His masculinity?

The only thing more embarrassing is being a pacified sportsball zombie that refuses to react. Sticking around afterwards is beyond the pale!

When it comes to this loser getting cucked by his wife and taking it like a bitch, you have to ask whether it’s the chicken or the egg? Maybe she cucks him because he is afraid to dominate and govern his woman. Regardless, one thing is clear: you can count on her mocking this lovable loser at the next “girl’s night out” and then doing it again!


A former Tennessee high school football coach supported his wife in court on Monday as she was sentenced to three years in prison for repeatedly having sex with one of his teen players, reports say.

Kelsey McCarter, 27, pleaded guilty on Monday to six counts of statutory rape and one count of exploitation of a minor for having sex with a 16-year-old player on her husband, Justin McCarter’s, former South-Doyle High School football team in Knoxville, KRON reports.

McCarter initially faced 38 years in prison. She agreed to a three-year sentence at Monday’s hearing, where Justin, an assistant coach on the team, stood by her side.

“She made a mistake,” McCarter’s attorney, Doug Trant, said after the hearing, according to the Knoxville News-Sentinel. “She’ll move past it. She’s young and, as you saw, her family is here in support of her. Her husband is strongly supportive of her.”

The boys moved in with the couple when Justin offered to mentor them after they began having behavioral problems.

Judging from the location of the incident and description of them having “behavioral problems,” they were probably negroes. That adds another repulsive layer to the breach of trust, akin to learning your girlfriend has been having sex with your pet Pug behind your back.

The amount of crap America’s cucked and demoralized men tolerate from their girlfriends and wives is a national travesty. Revolutions have been fought for less. Many of these men are afraid of losing half their savings or destroying the lives of their children because mommy is a whore. Long-term relationships require a lot of investment with very little in return for men, so many desperately cling to failed marriages rather than cut their losses.

But even if this man suddenly put on his pants, once a woman senses weakness in a man, her devotion and fidelity are irreversibly gone forever no matter what you do.

If the stigma of being a divorcee or single mom is no longer strong enough to keep women in line, men are stuck in a precarious situation. You must let women you bring into your life know from the start that you have a healthy sense of jealousy for your women and will act when they begin testing your boundaries.

Women have no respect for men in America because they have lost a healthy fear of the stronger sex.

This vibrant Puerto Rican dude’s decision to give this whore a flying upper cut to the pussy and then parade her nude in the street offers one of many interesting remedies:

Cuck apathy socially normalizes this female behavior. Men who stick around for this must be derided and bullied.

Let there be thot justice!