Cucklord Paul Ryan May be Leaving in 2018

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2017

My prayers are finally being answered. Thanks, Astral Hitler.

While I hate all cucks with as even a heart as I can, it’s hard not to have a special dislike for the likes of Paul Ryan. He’s never let an opportunity to counter-signal Trump slip by, instead pushing his “transform America into Mexico” agenda with religious fervor.

Apparently, his year dealing with Trump has had it’s toll on this poor sob’s psyche, and he’s now reflecting on his next move.

Hopefully, this next move involves leaving the US congress, as well as America, and moving in with the brown people he loves so much.


The news that Speaker Paul Ryan is engaged in “soul searching” about his political future and could leave Congress after the 2018 election shocked a political Washington sprinting toward a tax cut vote and Christmas recess.

Yes. Please. GTFO.

It shouldn’t.

While Ryan insists he isn’t leaving anytime soon — not a denial, it’s worth noting! — there’s a very strong case to be made that quitting at the end of 2018 is the best possible move for his political future.

Here are five good reasons why.

1. The George Costanza Effect: There’s an episode of “Seinfeld” in which George realizes that his best move at work is to make a joke that people laugh at and then leave — he calls it going out on a high note. (See the technique here.) The theory is that you should leave on your own terms and at a moment when people have a good feeling about you.

The problem is that everyone hates his guts, so if he’s waiting for a “high note,” he’ll still be in congress when the heat death of the universe comes around.

But hey, whatever delusion gets him to leave, I support 100%.

2. The 2018 midterms: As of right now, it’s a 50-50-ish shot as to whether Ryan will even have a speakership to walk away from come late 2018.

That’s right – Bannonism is coming for you.

3. Donald Trump: Yes, I know that people who are in a position to know say that Ryan and Trump get along better than was expected. But Ryan, more than anyone, has to know that Trump is mercurial and unpredictable. Who’s to say that Trump’s relationship with Ryan won’t go the way of Trump’s relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — where the President was openly suggesting that McConnell might need to step aside if tax reform didn’t pass?

The idea that Trump and Ryan might “get along” is ridiculous. Ryan is like a battered hostage trying to keep up the pretense that everything is okay. Trump is the opposite of everything he stands for, and every time he opens his mouth he can’t help but criticize Trump’s populist agenda. He’s only pretending to cooperate in order to sneak in his own Jew-shill bias into the legislation.

Basically, Paul Ruan came into politics with the intention of being a comfortable shill for Jews and corporations, but now his plan is being disrupted by the rise of populism, which suddenly makes his platform non-viable. And he can’t change the platform, because people have already paid him to stand on it. So it’s quite possible he might actually bow out.

Or, this could just be fake news. When you see every Jew news outlet reporting a rumor at the same time, you have to wonder if there is an agenda behind it. I’m not sure what that agenda would be in this particular situation, but you do always have to wonder.

In any case, we desperately need Paul Ryan to quit. We already have another Paul to replace him with who’ll certainly do a much better job.

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