Cucking Kills Your Church: The Episcopal Cautionary Tale

Silas Reynolds
The Right Stuff
June 30, 2016


Just this month the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the United States largest Protestant denomination, cucked to extreme levels in a bid to destroy themselves like the Episcopal Church. The SBC recently passed a resolution calling for all Christians to cease displaying the Confederate flag. The SBC split from northern Baptists because it was explicitly pro-Southern and, this is the same church that in an 1863 resolution stated in an official proclamation: “We have no thought of ever yielding, but will render a hearty support to the Confederate government in all constitutional measures to secure our independence.” But that’s not all fam: the SBC, like other modern mainline Christian churches, cucks hard and often. The SBC is supporting building mosques and reaffirmed their fealty to Israel (a foreign country), while denouncing their honorable Southern roots.

I’m going to wager that the SBC, now that it’s clearly been infected with communists and shitlibs (I know, semantics–really one in the same), will reach Episcopalian levels of failure in the next ten years. Once a church decides to embrace liberalism and relativism, it commits suicide. Why? Because a liberal church attracts bull dykes sporting flat top haircuts and creepy cuck men that have never picked up a torque wrench. The pews become partially full of spinster cat ladies. Preaching the Good Word is replaced with explaining what it actually means – like explaining Leviticus 18:22 away and kvetching for social justice. Sermons become empty and meaningless platitudes featuring, from their extremely limited vocabulary, hollow abstracts like love, forgiveness and fellowship. Nothing is actually said in the sermons and most folks forget the entire substance of the sermon as their walking out the door.

The SBC was never my church though. I come from Cavalier stock and we trace our lineage back to the House of Burgesses, which makes me an exiled Episcopalian. The Episcopal Church (or the Anglican/Church of England) is that of my forefathers and many of the Founding Fathers–as an aside, none of the Founders were Jewish, that’s one of the easier lies to refute. The Episcopal Church was the place of worship of the Lee family, Washington and Jefferson (pipe down Deists), along with many of the other Founders. The Episcopal Church was organized after the Revolution, when it became separate from the Church of England, whose clergy were required to swear allegiance to the British monarch. We were “High Church,” and thankfully, not Loyalists to the Crown. From 1607 until the American Revolution, the Anglican Church was the “established” (or official) church of Virginia.

But, it’s gone now–dead. The Church has been completely and utterly gutted and destroyed by Marxism and all of its tenants of equality, feminism and degeneracy-acceptance. You can drive by quaint Episcopalian churches built in the 1700s and find empty parking lots, or worse–converted into mosques. God may forgive, but He doesn’t forget.

It wasn’t always this way and it didn’t have to be. But, the 1960s (the decade that truly ruined our country) started the decline and the Church fully embraced social justice. Heretical leaders of the Church supported muh civil rights and marched with serial philanderer, plagiarist and communist MLK. The Episcopal Church now opposes the death penalty and approves of affirmative action (or White displacement). It is not just the dindu nuffins they fully support, but also the sodomites and other wretched deviants. The Church is now widely known for fully supporting homosexuality. In 2015, the Church’s 78th annual General Convention passed resolutions allowing the blessing of unnatural (same-sex) marriages. The Church also ordains women and homosexuals to the priesthood, the diaconate, and the episcopate, despite opposition from a number of other member churches of the global Anglican Communion. The first transgender Episcopal bishop should be announced any minute.

In 2003, Gene Robinson became the first un-closeted sodomite ordained as a bishop in Anglican history. Unsurprisingly, Robinson has advocated for degeneracy and shitlib politics; after his media-hailed marriage to a man ended in a 2008 divorce (tough break, faggot), Robinson became a senior fellow at the communist think-tank Center for American Progress, which said he would be handling issues involving “economic justice, immigration, LGBT rights, health care and the environment.” When Robinson made national news, the Episcopal Church, already sliding in membership, doubled down on the cucking. I asked Bishop Lee, the then Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia (largest diocese in the country), about Robinson and he just shook his head and said, “Virginia is different, we’ll remain traditional.” He would later go on to sue breakaway traditional Episcopal churches, so the Diocese could keep their properties and leave the conservatives without a physical church–I can only surmise that he’s been paid his thirty pieces of silver.

After Robinson’s election, many theologically conservative Episcopalians in the United States abandoned the Episcopal Church, formed the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and aligned themselves with bishops outside the Episcopal Church in the US, a process called the Anglican realignment. Instead of trying to stop the bleeding and save the Church from splitting, the shitlib Episcopalian leadership went full-bore mass suicide and elected Jefferts Schori as the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in 2006.

Jefferts Schori is a woman; it’s hard to tell, I know. Inspiring:



Her 2006 election was celebrated as a breakthrough (always with the “glass ceiling”) for women leadership in the Church; delegates, acting like complete faggots, sported pink “It’s a Girl!” buttons after the vote. She remains the only female senior bishop in the Anglican Communion (or the international Church). No one–and I mean no one–is going to out-cuck a Midwestern Lutheran though. So, in 2013, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America followed suit and elected its first female presiding bishop–they’ve subsequently lost about half a million members in less than a decade, no big deal for social progress, right?

Of all the choices the Episcopal leadership could have made, the manly Jefferts Schori was the worst and the most damaging (clearly nothing was learned from the Gene Robison fiasco). Church membership during her term of nine years dropped by 12%. If you think those numbers aren’t that bad, consider that the Episcopal Church membership dropped 32% from 1992 to 2002; Charlie Sheen wouldn’t call that winning. The membership drop isn’t all that shocking considering that Schori doesn’t even know basic Anglican orthodoxy. In an interview with Time magazine, she was asked, “Is belief in Jesus the only way to get to heaven?” She replied, “We who practice the Christian tradition understand him as our vehicle to the divine. But for us to assume that God could not act in other ways is, I think, to put God in an awfully small box.” If she had just been honest and said, “No, you don’t have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven because I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about and I should be a librarian back in New Jersey,” I would have at least understood and appreciated the honesty in admitting she was a talentless diversity hire.

And, it wasn’t just her ignorance of orthodoxy and SJW positions (abortion, sodomite marriage, etc.), but her vindictiveness against breakaway conservative Episcopal parishes/churches–“Heav’n has no rage like love to hatred turn’d / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.” Schori directed the national church to initiate lawsuits, costing approximately $22 million dollars, against departing dioceses and parishes. Instead of letting the former Episcopalians, now “Anglicans” or reformers, retain their roots and churches, Schori lead a crusade to destroy them through litigation and, had no problems selling fallow churches to Muslims or other groups, as long as it was not to the breakaway conservatives. With 19,000 more Episcopal deaths than births each year, or the loss of one diocese per annum, Schori’s cruel strategy was about as successful as Ney’s cavalry charge at Waterloo.

The numbers are heartbreaking – and tell the tale of what shitlibs and moral relativism can do to a church. In 2002, the number of baptized US members of the Episcopal Church stood at 2.32 million. By 2012, that number had fallen to 1.89 million, a decline of 18%. Church attendance has fallen even more steeply–average Sunday attendance in its US churches was 846,000 in 2002, but had fallen 24% in 2012 to only 640,000. Other signs of congregational liveliness have fallen even further. Baptisms have fallen by 40%, and marriages have fallen by 45%. My local Episcopal church–where I was baptized and confirmed, along with my father and his father–would not marry me, a lifelong member, because my uncle (through marriage) is an Anglican (conservative). Winning hearts and minds.

US Catholics outnumber the Episcopal Church 33-to-1. There are more Jews than Episcopalians and twice as many Mormons. Episcopalians are going extinct and recently reported the shuttering of 69 parishes and missions, down from 6,622 in 2013 to 6,553 in 2014. Overall, the church has declined from a high of 3.6 million members in the mid-1960s to 1.8 million today, even as the U.S. population has more than doubled. The Church has lost more than a quarter of its attendance since 2003.

Philip Jenkins, a scholar and Episcopal layman, determined that at the Episcopal Church’s current rate of decline, there will be no more Episcopalians by the end of this century. Excerpt: “If we extrapolate that rate into the not-too-distant future, then the number of people attending Episcopal churches on a typical Sunday will be negligible by mid-century, typical of a tiny sect rather than a great church or denomination. It won’t reach zero for a while, but in effect, the church will cease to exist. We might need a new vocabulary of religious decline. How about church evaporation? That mid-century date is really not far off. In fact, the baby baptized at my church last Sunday will by that point only be a young adult in her 30s. Non-attending notional members will persist for a few years longer, but by the end of the century, we should be talking total disappearance. In that scenario, America’s last Episcopalian walks among us today. At some point, young people contemplating a clerical career will have to consider just how long there will indeed be a church for them to serve.”

This is what liberalism does to a church–it destroys it. Feelings, acceptance and judgement-safe areas don’t grow a church, they kill it.

I’m just glad Lee, Washington, Jefferson and Madison aren’t around to see this.