CUCKED: India’s Ruling Party Kicks Out Female Leader Who Told Hindu Men to Gang Rape and Kill Moslem Women

Daily Stormer
July 4, 2019

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Streetshitters don’t really have a lot going for them.

They can’t do… well, the list is so long that I’m not even gonna try to write a summary, BUT – there was one thing I always thought they were very good at, and that’s the Moslem Question.

But it turns out that no, they’re not as good at that as I thought.


A female leader of the ruling Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India, Sunita Singh Gaur, was recently fired from her position after calling on Hindu men via social media to publicly “gang rape” and lynch Muslim women, arguing that there is “no other way” to “protect” the country, local news outlets report this week.

In a June 21 assessment rejected by New Delhi, the U.S. Department of State (DOS), echoing non-governmental organizations (NGOs), blasted Hindu-majority India, the most populous democracy in the world, for inciting hatred against religious minorities, namely Muslims and Christians.

The DOS reports— focused on international religious freedom — found that attacks against Muslim minorities plagued India throughout 2018. Recent incidents captured by news reports show that sectarian violence pitting Hindus against Muslims have continued into this year.

On Monday the Tribune in India reported that in a now-deleted Facebook post, Gaur, the top leader of BJP’s women’s wing (Mahila Morcha) in India’s Uttar Pradesh province, declared:

There is only one solution for them [Muslims]. Hindu brothers should make a group of 10 and gang rape their [Muslims] mothers and sisters openly on the streets … and then hang her in the middle of the bazaar for others to see.

What’s wrong with what she said?

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The US government and (((NGOs))) seem hellbent on protecting these Moslem vermin everywhere in the world, for reasons no one understands.

Also notice how they put in Christians there, probably as bait for the cuckservatives.

I don’t know how Christians are treated in India, but I’m 100% sure it’s better than in any Moslem country, and you don’t really hear much about those from the (((NGOs))), do you?

The only time the (((NGOs))) and the (((media))) even talk about it is when there’s the possibility of bringing them to White countries…

…otherwise, it’s just the poor Moslems being persecuted for non-stop killing everybody around them.

She went on to stress that Muslim women should have their “honor looted.”

“If we need to protect India,” then Hindu men must rape Muslim women, she continued, adding, “There is no other way.”

It remains unclear exactly when the BJP leader wrote the post on Facebook.


Also, notice nobody arrested her for posting these reasonable statements on Facebook.

Responding to Gaur’s post, Vijaya Rahatkar, the national president of BJP Mahila Morcha, said that such “hateful comments” would not be tolerated, adding that the party has expelled Gaur:

A press release posted on Twitter by Rahatkar revealed that the BJP fired Gaur on June 27.

“The press release acknowledged that Gaur repeatedly posted inappropriate content on social media,” the Tribune noted.

“While this would not be the first time BJP leaders have been accused of propagating hate online or offline, the fact that a [BJP women’s wing] leader was instigating rape and gruesome sexual violence shocked many on social media,” the Wire added.

I’m sure most of the people who were shocked were Moslems.

They just don’t understand why them gang raping non-Moslem women and girls literally everywhere in the world is somehow making people want to do the same to them.

The article goes on to list a long number of attacks against Moslems, including some really funny ones:

Last month, video footage purportedly showed a mob in India beating a Muslim man to death after forcing him to perform Hindu chants.

Social media users described the incident as a “lynching.”

On Monday, a fight over parking a scooter evolved into sectarian violence in India’s Old Delhi region “as groups of Hindu and Muslim residents accused each other of stone pelting and violence on Sunday night,” the Hindustan Times reported.

That’s the nice thing about diversity – even a parking dispute can end in an all-night riot, which is pure 100% vibrancy.

The article also quotes some NGO saying that India is one of the worst places in the world to be a Christian in, but doesn’t give any specific examples why.

This is probably just another attack on Hindu nationalists, because Jews can’t tolerate nationalism anywhere outside of Israel.

But still – they shouldn’t have cucked.

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