CUCKED: Blonde British Woman to Marry Calais Migrant

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2016


Last week, we reported on the phenomenon of White women volunteering in Calais and having sex with multiple Moslem men per day.

They are now marrying these sex pets.

Daily Mail:

A former British aid worker is to marry a younger Syrian refugee, after they fell in love in the jungle migrant camp.

Sarah Gayton, 41, from Chiswick, in west London, quit her job five days after meeting Hamoude Kahlil, a law student who had fled the city of Aleppo, in Syria, in 2014.

She returned to volunteer at the French camp and they were engaged within a few months.

The management consultant met Mr Kahlil when she was volunteering in the port in 2015 helping a charity deliver food parcels.

The couple, who insist they are genuine, worked in a warehouse run by the charities Help Refugees and L’Auberge des Migrants. Mr Kahlil helped as a translator at the camps.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Miss Gayton said she ‘was definitely not looking for love‘ and disputed claims circulating from a male volunteer on Facebook last week that British women were volunteering at the camp to have sex with migrants.

Then why was she there?

This is like a man saying he definitely wasn’t looking for sex when he went to the brothel.

Every woman reading this knows what’s going on – she’s covering for them.

She told the paper: ‘You can always look at someone else’s life and make assumptions but that’s pretty sad.

‘I know that I met a kind, caring, wonderful man a year ago and I’m happy.’

Within a few months of getting to know each other Mr Kahlil proposed.

The couple announced their proposal on their Facebook pages on November 1 2015 and the post received 85 likes from their family and friends with comments such as ‘you two make me smile’ and many ‘congratulations’ from friends in Arabic.

According to their social media the couple now live in Chiswick, west London, after Mr Kahlil broke a promise to his fiancée and entered the UK illegally in the back of a lorry.

According to The Sunday Times he was given leave to remain for five years and the couple are now planning their wedding.

We are being straight cucked by these hoes.

And sure. You can talk about how the numbers are low. They are low, relatively. But they aren’t getting any lower.

Women as Property

We need to begin viewing women in the way we viewed them all through history, which is as the collective property of men.

They exist for the purpose of producing our sons and doing tasks which we assign to them. They don’t have their own agency, so when they go off on sex tours with monkeys in the monkey camp, saying “oh well, they’re whores” is just a pathetic excuse. Women don’t make choices, so when you have a society which implements a policy of allowing women to make choices, you’ve created a chaos situation.

People love my analogies.

Here’s one.

This is like if your stove catches on fire and instead of putting it out you just run outside into the street and watch your house burn down. Then someone asks you why you didn’t put out the small kitchen fire and you say “I couldn’t interfere with the decision of the fire to burn the house down. And anyway, that fire was a slut, so who cares?”


Femen says “I want to run around naked and harass people because it shows that I’m powerful,” but what they mean is “slap me around and force me to do things.”

What these women going off with these monkeys are seeking is to be dominated. That’s the appeal there.

Because being dominated satisfies women.

So, even if you were some type of complete beta faggot who didn’t care at all about the future of our race and civilization, and just went around non-stop trying to make women happy, you would want to reinstall the patriarchy.

The only way you would be against the patriarchy is either being so cucked that you think women actually say things that they mean, or being such a weak loser that you aren’t willing to take responsibility for the most basic human function, which is successfully managing reproduction.