Cucked Alaska Angling for Christian Picciolini’s Job as Former Nazi™

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

Baked Alaska was unfortunately always a very messed up and low IQ individual.

He’s been spiraling out of control for a while now. His latest career move reeks of desperation and a desire to recapture his fallen fame.

He’s had quite a story arc, though.

For those who don’t know, Baked started out as a Buzzfeed social media agent/aspiring rapper – affectionately dubbed “Feminem” by the Internet. After quitting Buzzfeed, he started retweeting Milo’s account on Twitter and piggy-backed his way to e-celeb fame during the halcyon days of the Trump campaign. It was only a matter of time until he found /pol/ (or, rather, /pol/ found him) and he began to parrot J-woke talking points. Then it was just a hop and a skip over to hanging out with Richard Spencer and other people in the Alt-Right en route to the disastrous Charlottesville Rout. At the event, he got maced with some Antifa-brewed chemicals and had to be taken to the hospital.

He began to rethink his life and moved to LA to hang out with druggies and grifters who thought that he was still famous and relevant.

Soon, Baked began to sing a different tune and started coming out with his new series of Reformed Nazi™ videos.

This most recent shift seems to be related to the bitch that he’s dating now being in contact with Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch (the Jew who doxes right-wingers on Twitter).

This was revealed by investigative journalist Beardson Beardsley and his gang of rough riders.

It would certainly explain the bizarre last two videos that he has released:

(These videos will probably be deleted in shame at some point, so someone download them for the public’s record.)

Baked explicitly (and without prompting) says in the latest video that he doesn’t plan on snitching on his former comrades in the Meme-Right – even though they’re basically abhorrent terrorists now – but that’s exactly what I would assume that he would start doing now to prove his Reformed Nazi credentials – especially given that he’s now apparently involved with Jared Holt, and allegedly, information that was passed to him via the woman has already been used to harm right-wingers.

I mean, he says he’s not going to do it. But wouldn’t that be what he would say if he was already doing it? And do you trust the kind of person who would jump around like a schizophrenic like this? Or the kind of person who would make those videos posted up there? Just saying. People should be aware. He knows a lot about a lot of people. So if this information does start coming out, it’s going to be obvious where it was coming from.

This is some kind of career move. The fake “reformed Nazi” Christian Picciolini has made a living doing speaking tours and writing books, even though he is obviously a Pakistani and is lying about being a former Nazi because no Nazi group allows Pakistanis.

Baked is trying to move in on that money. And if he’s working with Jews like Holt to get in on that money, they’re going to be like “give us the dox and we’ll get you your money.”

The Jews didn’t give Judas $40 for saying Jesus was a terrorist – they paid him to dox Our Lord.

This is shaping up to be a Judas story. Only instead of hanging himself in a garden, Baked will probably just OD on fentanyl.

I am not shocked by Baked’s fickleness or by his career shift as much as I am shocked by his commitment to promoting the illusion that he is, in fact, a heterosexual.

If I showed you this picture and told you nothing else about the man, would you assume that he was a heterosexual?

No, no you wouldn’t.

Baked Alaska is 100% the product of Clown World.

His antics have been so self-destructive and contradictory that they could only be explained when you realize that he is the real-life version of the guy in the new Joker origin story movie.

Everything down to his increasingly erratic behavior to his use of bizarre make-up (the eyebrows) matches the behavior of the new Joker when you think about it.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him switch tracks and go full terrorist mode soon.