“Cuckboi”: Leftist Women Invent New Term to Mock Their Male Supporters

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2017

The hipster publication MEL magazine has just come up with a new term to describe Leftist men: Cuckboi, a portmanteau of “cuckold” and “fuckboi.” The label has been articulated by a Jewish feminist named Alana Levinson, who simply can’t believe the type of man who would wear a “The Future is Female” t-shirt actually desires sex with women.

While the snarkbots won’t ever admit it, the cuck label has hit them where it hurts – because it’s a scathingly apt description of their political views. The coping mechanism from the Bernie Bros and Manarchists, who are trying in vain to reconcile male dignity with being a modern leftist, is to say “No, you Nazis are cucks!”

How creative.

Their slow march to the gas chambers in this culture war has them kicking and screaming, but they find no real female allies. For women, feminism is motivated by an inability to attract the mates they want (which are the same men all women want), in conjunction with insecurities about the opposite sex. Feminists resent men as a class, and when they sniff out a weak man (the type that plays into their delusions) they just see an opportunity to gaslight a bearer of the XY chromosome in a feeble stab at will to power.

If Cuckboi wants to buy them things or tell them how beautiful their unshaven legs are, they begrudgingly oblige him. But in the end, they don’t want Cuckboi, they want Daddy II. BDSM and “Daddy Play” is extremely popular in feminist circles and promoted in all their publications.

Mel Magazine:

Have You Encountered the Cuckboi?

The cuckboi buys you a one-year recurring monthly donation to Planned Parenthood for Valentine’s Day. (It will outlast your relationship with him by 11 months.)

The cuckboi is a male feminist who makes fun of male feminists who publicly identify as male feminists. It’s confusing.

The cuckboi tells his girlfriend he loves that she doesn’t shave her armpits, but is secretly glad she shaves her legs.

The cuckboi knows that bragging about being good at eating pussy is lame, so he brags about eating ass instead.

The cuckboi wants you to know that while he listens to Justin Bieber (ironically), he also reads Maggie Nelson (very seriously).

The cuckboi understands that there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism, unless you’re eating pussy.

The cuckboi drinks whey protein because he wants to be swole enough to beat up Nazis—not because he wants to look good.

The cuckboi went to the Women’s March, but he didn’t post about it because he didn’t do it for the likes. He’s genuine.

The cuckboi has no idea what you mean when you reference “locker room talk.” He was a theater kid.

Hey Cuckboi – your women are making fun of you.

Even when Cuckbois try and work out to “fight the Nazis,” feminists watch them from a distance and crack up at the display. Imagine how underappreciated they must feel, knowing full well that one day when they try and attack real Nazis they will end up dead or in the hospital. That’s the cuckold paradox.

The way nature has tuned the fairer sex is to go with the guy who wins the fight, as seen with the Germans marching into France (every Nazi had a hot French chick on each arm as French boys in striped shirts cried into their baguettes). Romantic socialism, known as monogamy, helped control this female impulse so civilization can continue, but the 21st century Judeo-Left has dedicated itself to sticking their finger in this infected sore.

As Leftists continue to overplay their hand, and with us real Fascists and National Socialists growing our forces to take back the streets for our ideas, feminist women instinctively know that their Cuckbois will lose. The GOP’s plan to cut the Department of Justice slush fund that puts billions in the coffers of Leftist activist groups will be the start of some major headaches for the Judeo-Left desperately clinging to their hegemony over the public square.

They are under the delusion that we’re not steamrolling them according to every measure. The women see it, but Cuckboi is in the dark corner watching, shriveled up dong in hand, yapping that “the Nazis are the real cucks!” with tears streaming down his face.

Their “comrades” disagree, and are using the terms of the better men to deride them.