Cuck Unleashed: Man Punches Girlfriend in the Stomach, Kills Other Man’s Baby

I don’t agree with it.

But I understand.

Daily Mail:

A jealous boyfriend who killed his pregnant partner’s unborn baby because he resented it being fathered by another man was today jailed for life.

Asa Davison, from Gillingham, Dorset, attacked victim Isabelle Irish while she was 29 weeks pregnant in order to destroy the child.

The 35-year-old, who has a history for domestic violence, deliberately kicked and punched Miss Irish in the stomach and dragged her along the road.

She was found cowering in a back garden of a house by the homeowner who called the police.

Miss Irish was taken to hospital and a scan detected no fetal heartbeat. She had to give birth to her dead baby, who had been perfectly healthy at its 20 week scan.

Davison was found guilty of the lesser-known offence of child destruction under the Infant Life Preservation Act (1929) following a trial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Oh, so wait.

Hold up.

Abortion is still illegal in the UK?

Interesting little factoid in paragraph 7 of a feminist outrage news article.

I have a hard time feeling bad for the guy, however.

The court had heard that Miss Irish was already pregnant when she entered a relationship with Davison in early 2020.

Although he told her they could carry on being a couple after her baby had been born, resentment inside him simmered away.

Police later recovered recordings on his phone to Miss Irish. In one he said that it ‘broke (his) heart’ that the baby was not his.

He also said: ‘I don’t give a s**t about your baby.’

There is no lower scum on earth than a man who enters a relationship with a single mother. He is in fact much worse than the single mother herself, who is just a retard like all women.

If you’re that thirsty, go live in the woods alone and chop logs and forage for mushrooms and herbs. Don’t submit to raising another man’s child. There is nothing more degrading on this earth.

Killing the baby was just the natural outcome of a completely unnatural situation – which the man voluntarily put himself in.

If she’d gotten pregnant by another man while they were together, I could sympathize.

Here’s an interesting factoid for all you “boyfriends” and husbands out there – women regularly do get pregnant with other men’s babies, and just don’t tell you.

A recent poll showed that 8% of these whores are willing to admit to a polling company that they don’t know where their kid came from.

I guarantee, the number is a lot higher than that.

You should always demand a DNA test after the child is born, no matter how sweet you believe your little angel is.