Cuck Island: UK to Install Spy Box and Speed Limiters in All Vehicles by 2022

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

Because of course.


Speed limiting technology looks set to become mandatory for all vehicles sold in Europe from 2022, after new rules were provisionally agreed by the EU.

The Department for Transport said the system would also apply in the UK, despite Brexit.

Campaigners welcomed the move, saying it would save thousands of lives.

The UK is so cucked that I can’t even.

They’re still taking directives from the EU about minutiae.

Boomer scum who have to bubble-wrap everything in the name of safety are behind this measure. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind. These are the same people who will report you for riding your bicycle without a helmet on a bike path. These are the same people who dot their suburban sprawl with speed cameras and speed bumps every 20 meters.

The EU says the plan could help avoid 140,000 serious injuries by 2038 and aims ultimately to cut road deaths to zero by 2050. 

Yeah right. These people are insane.

Why not just make road death illegal, that will solve the problem, no doubt. If they really wanted to make driving safer, they would ban women drivers and non-Whites. Furthermore, the real issue that they’re trying to legislate away is the growing problem of mud-man terror. Moslems’ weapon of choice has become trucks and other heavy vehicles. By installing speed limiters around target-rich zones (it will euphemistically be called pedestrian-heavy areas), they hope to reduce the kill count and help the assimilation process continue apace with fewer casualties.

All they will succeed in doing is killing the already dying automotive industry. 

Many reasons for this already occurring, one of them being people don’t like Big Boomer Brother in their cars.

The idea that cars will be fitted with speed limiters – or to put it more accurately, “intelligent speed assistance” – is likely to upset a lot of drivers. Many of us are happy to break limits when it suits us and don’t like the idea of Big Brother stepping in.

However, the new system as it’s currently envisaged will not force drivers to slow down. It is there to encourage them to do so, and to make them aware of what the limit is, but it can be overridden. Much like the cruise control in many current cars will hold a particular speed, or prevent you exceeding it, until you stamp on the accelerator.

So it’ll still be a free-for-all for speeding motorists then? Not quite. Under the new rules, cars will also be fitted with compulsory data recorders, or “black boxes”.

So if you have an accident, the police and your insurance company will know whether you’ve been going too fast. If you’ve been keeping your foot down and routinely ignoring the car’s warnings, they may take a very dim view of your actions.

In fact, it’s this “spy on board” which may ultimately have a bigger impact on driver behaviour than any kind of speed limiter. It’s easy to get away with reckless driving when there’s only a handful of traffic cops around to stop you. Much harder when there’s a spy in the cab recording your every move. 

There are other reasons for the anti-car trend though, of course.

For one, Millennials can’t afford new cars.

Secondly, they don’t live in the suburbs anymore. They don’t live in the suburbs because they can’t afford to buy overpriced Boomer-boxes (homes – working term and I’m open to suggestions) and then commute 2 hours to work every day.

Third, Millennials aren’t having kids, so they don’t need cars to get the kids to soccer practice or to visit nana and grandpa up on the Cape.

Fourth, it’s trendy and cool to live in the city and to bike or use public transportation everywhere. I think that this fashion trend is closely correlated with creeping poverty and attempts to “own it” or reframe it into something voluntary and cool.

Fifth, there’s Uber now, so you can drink in the trendy, diverse part of town with your friends and then have the Uber take you back to the Yuppie Green Zone for about $15.

Finally, cars have become completely ghey and no fun. It’s one thing to fantasize about getting a cool-looking American muscle car so that Stacy notices you and you get to make out on the hook at Make-out Point, but that ship has sailed.

Because there is no make out point anymore.

Only Moslem… stabby-stabby… point… place.