“Cuck” is Our “Racist”

Auschwitz Soccer Ref
The Right Stuff
March 29, 2016


For decades the left and their allies have been able to shut down any talk of race that might presumably lead to White racial consciousness with accusations of “racist!” or “racism!” or any variation of the term. The accusation of racism remains so devastating primarily because it is an utterly nonsensical word that can be redefined at will to suit the circumstances of the time and place. Thus it’s able to bypass any and all rational arguments against its legitimacy and descriptive power. In light of this, the word racism is perhaps best-described as a virus in word form: it is continually mutating to avoid destruction by antibodies—ie. facts and reason—as it works towards its one and only goal, the shut-down of the White mind.

HBDers and race realists have continually tried to deconstruct the word “racist” to reveal its utter preposterousness but as anyone knows, the mob listens to emotion, not reason. Their deconstructions therefore fell upon deaf ears. As the right dwindled into kosher conservatism, particularly in America, GOP flunkies resorted to calling the left “the real racists,” an argument so ludicrous that we actually tend to forget that the reasoning behind them doing this was actually sound: conservatives understood that “racist” was a powerful, weaponized term and they sought to use this powerful weapon against their opponents. Still, no one bought it, as conservatives failed to understand that since the left controls the media and schools, they as opponents of the left are in no position to redefine the word.

Then in 2015, something happened. A term was birthed from the alternative right to describe precisely this dysfunctional breed of rightist: “cuckservative,” a seemingly right-leaning politician or personality who sees fascism as the greatest threat to the West, is willing to flood his country with millions of Third Worlders in the name of free-market capitalism, and is always ready to sacrifice the lives of his countrymen to defend the violently anti-Western, socialist theocracy of Israel. The word, of course, was absolutely devastating. It was so powerful that cuckservative websites devoted time and effort to writing articles condemning the word, ironically using the cuckiest logic possible and only proving the alternative right correct. The term even made its way into the mainstream media, eventually getting onto MSNBC and Real Time with Bill Maher. Even now, using the word will get one banned from National Review’s comment section.

“Cuck” works for the same reason that “racist” works: it is an irrational word that cannot be deconstructed with reasoning. Just as “racist” hits rightists hard because it attempts to psychopathologize the healthy preference for our own race, “cuck” is devastating to leftists because they are being described as the most humiliating kind of man possible, one who gets aroused by letting another man—or other men—have sex with his wife. Leftists and conservatives are not literally cuckolds, they are simply traitors. However, just like “racism” transcends political terminology like “fascist” and brings morality into the discussion, “cuck” transcends political terminology like “traitor” and brings sexuality and gender into the discussion, thus widening its implications. For years this kind of transcendent, weaponized term was missing from the right’s lexicon, but now it’s here, and that’s why “cuck” is so hurtful to the left and kosher conservatives.

The word is now everywhere. Everyone from communists to liberals to mainstream conservatives are being called cucks, on and offline. Politicians and everyday people are cucks, the wealthy and the lower-class alike… and they have no defense against it. Some fly into a defensive rage and make fools of themselves by screaming about how horrible the term is while others try to affirm the word and imply it’s a good thing. That doesn’t work, either. It’s like if someone calls you a retard and you respond with, “Yeah, I’m a retard. So what?” It looks stupid and ridiculous to everyone else. Just as “racist” puts mainstream rightists on the defensive, “cuck” puts the left on the defensive, and as any strategy-minded person knows, if you’re always on the defensive, you’re losing the battle.

It’s time the right go on the attack. Recognize “cuck” for how powerful, funny, and effective it is at hitting the enemy in his gut, and keep using it and keep spreading it. Also recognize that it’s a nasty and immature word, and relish that. The more offended the left is, the better. After all, they have never been an honorable enemy. There is no deconstruction of “cuck” on the horizon. They have no way of avoiding the accusation or explaining it away. They can’t fight it, no matter what they do, and they can’t turn it against us. “Racist” makes no sense coming from a rightist and “cuck” makes no sense coming from a leftist. It’s our word, it works, and it will keep on working until it becomes fully mainstream and starts to define the nature of the anti-Western forces of leftism, Islam, and Zionism and those who collaborate with them.