Cuck Erickson Demands Mitt Romney Run Third Party

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2016


At a recent interview about his plans to stop Trump, Erick Erickson was called-out for begging random Black people on set to have sex with his wife.

In his most brazen move of treasonous treachery thus far, the anti-American political activist Erick Erickson has called on Mitt Romney to run for President as a third party candidate and ensure a Hillary Clinton victory.


Not only does Erick Erickson want Mitt Romney to restart a search for a third-party candidate to challenge Donald Trump, he also wants Romney to consider being that person.

The conservative blogger wrote for The Resurgent on Friday that he would “gladly work for a Romney Presidency given the choices between” Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Trump.

Erickson, who has said he would never vote for Trump, opposed Romney during his previous presidential runs. On Wednesday, Yahoo News reported that Romney has ruled out an independent bid for president and is not trying to get any other Republicans to take up the mantle despite remaining hopeful for someone else to surface.

“I opposed Romney in 2008 and 2012, but I think the time has come for Mitt Romney,” Erickson wrote. “I can’t believe I’m even writing this. But seriously, Mitt Romney should run for President again and transcend party for the good of the country.”

Obviously, the window is closed on introducing a third party candidate, so I don’t really even know why these people are still talking about it. They could potentially take over an existing party – the Libertarian Party, for instance – but they still wouldn’t be on the ballot in a lot of states.

I guess it doesn’t matter if they’re blocked in some states though, as the entire purpose is to make sure Hillary wins. They don’t actually believe they can win – and they aren’t even saying they can win.

erick erickson lil wayne birdman

Both Lil Wayne and Birdman have complained to TMZ that Erick Erickson follows them around at the mall in Atlanta, begging them to have sex with his wife.

It really shows you what complete and total scumbags these people are. They’re like a guy who kills his GF because she broke up with him – “if I can’t have her, no one will!” Except a lot worse than that, because a girlfriend is only one person – they are trying to kill an entire country because Trump doesn’t support:

  1. Open borders multiculturalism
  2. Free trade
  3. Wars for Israel

If they do start a new party, it should be called the “Globalist-Israeli Multiculturalism Party” (GIMP).


For the sake of Israel, vote GIMP.

For the sake of illegal Mexican immigrants, vote GIMP.

For the sake of ISIS refugees, vote GIMP.

For the sake of my adopted African children, vote GIMP.

For more plastic items from China at low prices, vote GIMP.

For an enriched neighborhood full of diverse vibrancy, vote GIMP.

For a thriving arms industry, vote GIMP.

So your son didn’t get his legs blown of in Iraq fighting for Israel for nothing, vote GIMP.

To prove you’re not a racist, vote GIMP.

For principles, values and the Constitution, vote GIMP.

To fulfill Biblical prophecy, vote GIMP.

Can you think of more???