Cuban SJWs Cruzman Sachs and Miami Foam Party Join Victim-Blaming Mob Over Chicago

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2016


Cruz, Rubio and Kasich have come out and implied that the Whites who attended the Trump rally deserved to be attacked by hordes of Blacks, Moslems and other strange races.

Funnily enough, both Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even John Kasich have come out and officially sided with Black Lives Matter, and whatever other Soros-funded groups organized the riot at the Chicago Trump rally, blaming the victim of violence rather than the perpetrator.

The argument here, for those who haven’t heard it – it appears to have been originally forwarded by CNN’s resident Magic Negro Don Lemon – is that Trump says things that make people want to attack his followers, so it is his fault if a gigantic organized mob riots against him.

Once again: it doesn’t have to make sense.

One has to note that the argument is very suspiciously similar to the argument that a girl is responsible for her own rape if she wears revealing clothing – an argument that even hardcore misogynists such as the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist™ dismiss as completely nonsensical.  This is called “victim-blaming.”


Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them. The study of victimology seeks to mitigate the perception of victims as responsible. There is a greater tendency to blame victims of rape than victims of robbery in cases where victims and perpetrators know one another.

I never would have thought of this in this situation, but in hindsight, it makes sense that this would be the official position of the establishment on what happened in Chicago.

But it is at least a little bit (at least a tiny bit) surprising that all of the GOP candidates competing against Trump have embraced this logic (even mild man Kasich!).

Cruzman: “You Deserve It Because You Created a Climate with Words”

Here was his initial statement (in part):

Earlier today over thirty people were arrested at one rally. And then tonight as violence broke out the rally was canceled altogether. Now, the responsibility for that lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands. But in any campaign responsibility starts at the top. Any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign. And when you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that’s facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord.

He was then asked by a reporter if he thought Trump made the right choice in canceling the event, to which he responded:

I think that the decision should be based on public safety. But I think a campaign bears responsibility for creating an environment, when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence–to punch people in the face. The predictable consequence of that is that it escalates and today is unlikely to be the last such instance. We earlier today in St. Louis over thirty arrested. That’s not how our politics should occur.

So, no room for interpretation there: Trump deserved to have a riot at a rally, his supporters deserved to be attacked, he deserved to have his free speech stolen from him by a brown mob… because he said mean things and “created a climate.”

Ted, bro – I’m thinking maybe you need better advisors, bro.

Most people in the GOP really aren’t that comfortable with scenes like this:

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Especially when these acts of violence are being perpetrated against people like this:

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I mean. It’s just really, really not a popular position to take.

Do you think that when choosing between you and Trump, White Americans are going to say “yeah, that racial alien is right – these racial aliens are justified in rioting against the White man because the White man said something that hurt their feelings?”

Maybe you forgot which party’s nomination you’re seeking?

Rubio: “Mean Words will Bring an Apocalypse”

Rubio was not as wacky as Ted in his statements, but he did blame the victim – victims – for using politically incorrect speech.

NBC News:

Marco Rubio spoke out against Donald Trump and the violence at his rallies in forceful terms Saturday morning, warning that “this is what the Republican Party’s going to be defined by” if he’s the nominee.

Presidents cannot say whatever’s on their minds,” he told a small crowd during a Tampa Bay-area rally. “You don’t say it because it’s wrong to do it — every society must be governed by rules of discourse. Once you lose the rules of discourse, you lose the discourse.”

“If he’s our nominee, this is what the Republican party’s going to be defined by. This is what it’s going to mean to be a conservative,” Rubio cautioned.

After that he went on Megyn [sic] Kelly and again blamed Trump – while also saying “he wasn’t responbile” – but tried to tone it down a little, saying he didn’t deserve to get shut down.

Even Kasich

Kasich made a similar statement, but weaker and more faggy.

Washington Post:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose scheduled MSNBC town hall was pre-empted by the Chicago chaos, issued a statement late Friday night that pinned the blame on Trump himself.

“Tonight the seeds of division that Donald Trump has been sowing this whole campaign finally bore fruit, and it was ugly,” said Kasich. “Some let their opposition to his views slip beyond protest into violence, but we can never let that happen. I urge people to resist that temptation and rise to a higher level. Now is the time for Americans to come together and stand firm for what we know is true: we are great because we are a peaceful people who live by the rule of law. We are stronger together, we will reject those who try to divide us for personal gain and we will do it the right way—at the ballot box.”

It is incredibly bizarre, this whole thing.

Trump couldn’t have planned this any better. I’m sitting here thinking “did he plan it?”

But no. Not exactly. He is a judo master. He uses the force of his opponent to utterly destroy his opponent.

And that’s what we see here.

People will vote for the man who will subdue the alien mob. Not the men siding with the alien mob.

Bravo, Glorious Leader.

And much thanks to Cruz, Rubio and Kasich for doing exactly what we would have wanted you to do.

Hail Victory.