Crybaby Corksucker Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Offending Analist Community

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2018

Who would have thought that pure nihilism as a cultural paradigm would be defined by endless apologies?

I guess if I was picturing it without having seen it, I probably would not have thought that.

It definitely makes it worse. I would prefer more sarcasm and less apologies in my nihilistic “nothing is real” cultural paradigm.


Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has apologized for his part in a vicious online spat with Sean Hannity after he was criticized for sexual innuendo about the Fox News presenter and US President Donald Trump.

Kimmel, who initially became embroiled in a feud with Hannity over comments the former made about the First Lady’s Slovenian accent, apologized if he “upset members of the gay community” with his remarks about Hannity and Trump.

The offending remark appears to relate to tweets Kimmel sent, which supposedly lampooned Hannity’s staunch support for the president. In one tweet, which came as the two TV personalities bombarded each other with insults, Kimmel asked Hannity “Does Trump prefer you on bottom?”

Honestly – just being objective here – I don’t understand why that would offend faggots. It’s no different than “if you love Trump so much why don’t you marry him?” in a really vulgar form.

Seriously, everyone these days is just going around looking for something to be offended by.

And I think there is also a masochistic thing, where people like Kimmel are going around looking for something to apologize for. Sort of like asking forgiveness from a priest. There is some kind of emotional release to admit wrongdoing and be cleansed of it.

Some people took umbrage at the comment, accusing Kimmel of alienating members of the LGBT community with homophobic punchlines.

“Stop making sh***y f***ing gay jokes,” one user wrote. “Hire me to write you better gay jokes. Hire any queer person to write you literally any other jokes.”

For those who didn’t see it – I never bothered to write about it – Kimmel made fun of Empress Melania’s accent and Hannity went SJW about it, saying it was culturally insensitive or whatever.

I think that was in itself a stupid angle to take. It legitimizes SJW morality – the idea you can’t make fun of someone’s accent – in a way that isn’t really helpful to the right-wing agenda.

He should instead have challenged Kimmel to a celebrity boxing match to defend the honor of the Empress.

Hannity is in good shape and could beat the shit out of Kimmel, and that would have been enjoyable.

Kimmel would obviously reject the offer, but Hannity could just keep pushing it like, “he’s too much of a little bitch to fight me, because he’s a pussy.”

There would have been no weird moral confusion in that approach to the feud.