Cruzman Sachs Condemns Cambodia for Standing Up for Their People Against US Puppet Shill

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2017

tfw spreading democracy

The Cambodian government has exposed the opposition leader as being part of a US government plot to overthrow their country.

Ted Cruz’ response is to threaten them, tell them they have to let the puppet take over.

Channel NewsAsia:

Cambodia’s national elections in 2018 will not be considered “free or fair” if the government does not release imprisoned opposition leader Kem Sokha by next month, US Senator Ted Cruz warned on Monday (Oct 23).

In a letter to Cambodia’s US ambassador, the former presidential candidate said that Cambodian democracy was being undermined by Prime Minister Hun Sen’s “quest to evade democratic accountability”.

All of the details of this aside – why does Cambodia owe you “democracy,” Ted?

Sokha has been locked up since September, charged with treason over a video of a speech he made in 2013. He is accused of conspiring with the United States to oust the Hun Sen regime.

“If Kem Sokha remains imprisoned on Nov 9, the final day for voters to register for the July elections, it will be impossible for any impartial observer or nation to certify that elections in your country have been free or fair,” Cruz said.

“This attempt to undermine the Cambodian people’s faith in their democratic process must cease immediately,” he said, adding that he would take measures with the Trump administration to ensure relevant officials would be banned from travelling to the United States.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan brushed off the warning, saying Cruz’s statement was proof of Kem Sokha’s “treason by persuading foreigners to invade Cambodia’s sovereignty”.

“We give priority to the sovereignty and independence of Cambodia. Ordering Cambodia to release an accused person is not stated in Cambodian law,” he told Channel NewsAsia.

“We don`t pay attention to this statement. It is worthless. We throw this demand into the dust bin.”

Cambodia’s ruling party has taken steps to having the country’s main opposition party – the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) – dissolved, due to Kem Sokha’s alleged actions. The party’s seats in the national assembly and local commune positions won in elections in June are set to be redistributed among other parties.

In addition, many of the CNRP’s senior lawmakers and leading figures have fled the country for fear of arrest or harassment.

Good on Cambodia.

A lot of countries are not interested in becoming Philippines-tier puppet states of the US.

And I don’t comprehend how we can disagree with that.

I would possibly support a politician who was like, “we should do war campaigns to conquer and subdue foreign peoples, to steal their resources and rape their women.” Even if I didn’t support them, I would at least be like, “okay, that’s a valid position to have.”

However, using manipulation and subterfuge to control people by proxy and use them for weird dirty dealings is kikey, and I have yet to see the American people benefiting from this. Typically, these nations that we control thorough these weasel means are actually taking resources from the American people through aid programs as they are used for nonsense projects that exclusively benefit globalist multinational corporations.

Ted Cruz exposes that his “libertarianism” is nothing more than a scam by attacking Cambodia like this. And this seems to always be the case: the few things that I do agree with libertarians on, they don’t actually practice in real life. Instead, they just virtue signal in an autistic way about things that don’t matter, while supporting anti-American policies of globalist manipulation.

Dynamics of Publicly Subsidized Privatized Colonialism

Someone could do the math on the Philippines, for example, and I guarantee you that the last 70 years we’ve spent ruling the country by proxy (as a non-colony) have cost the American taxpayer billions, while Filipinos have been unhappy with the situation (with many Filipino intellectuals claiming that colonialism was a better deal). Meanwhile, American multinationals (and the CIA) have been very happy with the situation. The dynamics are basically this: the American taxpayer is given the burden of paying for a foreign people to be subjugated and exploited by corporations. It becomes yet another way for citizen wealth to be transferred to mega-corporations.

It’s a type of taxpayer-subsidized privatized colonialism.

It’s the same thing we’re now seeing in Niger since we’ve had these dead American soldiers. People are asking “what are we doing in Niger?” The answer is, planning some kind of proxy resource war against China, where “American” corporations will compete with Chinese ones for resources. The difference is, the Chinese government owns in part or in whole all of the companies exploiting resources in Africa, meaning that the Chinese people are getting a return on the Chinese resources being expended in Africa.

All of this goes back to modern Western moral corruption: the Chinese do not need to talk about “spreading democracy,” because they don’t need a moral justification to exploit the resources of a foreign population in the name of their own race and nation.

Modern humanist morality is a perfect system to allow a (((ruling financial elite))) to undermine the entire planet while dispossessing all nations of self-determination.

Again, I’m not necessarily saying that all nations even deserve self-determination. That’s a question that the people should be able to decide.

Beyond what anyone “deserves,” there is also the fact that “sovereignty for all” assumes that other sovereign nations will respect the sovereignty of others, which is generally not the case. “China engaged in a global resource war, so we need to compete with them, which requires the subjugation of third parties” is a very good argument, all things being equal.

However, all things are not equal.

Setting up this complex system of moral abstractions which results in the people paying to exploit resources of a foreign nation to the benefit of private companies solely controlled by a rootless cosmopolitan international ruling elite is insane.