Cruzman Sachs Caught Faking a Video Showing Rubio Insulting the Bible

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2016

Even Fox News is calling out the snake Ted Cruz for his latest filthy trick, basically saying he’s taken political dishonesty to a whole new realm.

This time, he took a video of Rubio walking by his own father – Rafael Cruz, who is a evangelical pastor/scam artist – in a hotel lobby, and added subtitles showing Rubio telling Cruz, Sr. that the Bible “doesn’t have any answers in it.”

In actual fact, what he said was “all the answers are in it.”

Ted Cruz’s lies and dirty tricks are beyond the pale, meanwhile he continues to push all of this Christian stuff. This dirty trick is unique, as it mixes his obsession with evangelicalism with his tactical lying.

These types of bizarre tricks could have worked in the 90s, perhaps, because he could have put this video on TV and it would have taken a week for Rubio to get the response organized and by that point everyone would have forgotten. But now it’s just like “Ted, what the hell is your problem, I just slowed down the audio and filtered the background noise – it took me 90 seconds – and you’re claiming he said the opposite of what he actually said.”

With Fox News and the rest of the mainstream calling him out, I’d say Ted’s about done.

And honestly, Donald Trump is going to be better for the fetuses. Once we’re rich again and young guys can buy cars and houses, once our men have a real masculine role model as the head of state, I think the girls will stop whoring it up so much and families will begin to reemerge.


Fox did another wtf segment on the Rubio Bible hoax.

It’s crazy he just keeps doing these tricks. What does he think? He’s getting caught on all of them.

No one else is doing this. Jeb Bush didn’t do it, Rubio doesn’t do it, the only person who put out serious hoax material was Kasich, who said Trump was going to round people up and put them in death camps.