Cruzman Sachs Blames Marco Rubio for His Complete Failure

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2016

Ted Cruzman has come out and blamed Marco Scarface for his total and complete failure, saying that if Marco would have been on-board to be his VP, Cruz would have won the nomination.

Carly must feel scorned, as she is essentially also being blamed.


If Sen. Marco Rubio had agreed to become Sen. Ted Cruz’s running mate, the duo could have stopped Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee for president, Cruz officials told CNN.

In the aftermath of Trump being left as the only remaining Republican candidate in the primaries this week, several officials in the Cruz campaign said the Texas senator offered Rubio the vice presidential spot in early March after their internal polls showed such a combined ticket would easily defeat the real estate mogul in several states which at that point had not yet voted.

But those officials told CNN that Rubio was not interested in the idea. Officials in the Florida senator’s campaign said there was never such a concrete offer. They added that in any case Rubio would have rejected it because such a ticket would be effective in defeating Trump, especially since both candidates are of Cuban heritage and as senators would have been viewed as being two insiders ganging up on an outsider, which would have played into Trump’s storyline.

The one person who is definitely not responsible for Ted Cruz’ failure: Ted Cruz.