Crusader Knight Who Smashed BLM Crowd with His Car Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail…!

Sometimes, people can’t take it anymore.

However, in America, if you cannot take it, you must go to jail.

NBC Washington:

Harry H. Rogers, 36, was convicted of six misdemeanors and sentenced to a year in jail for each charge, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. Rogers still faces three felony charges of attempted malicious wounding in connection with the June 7 incident.

The three felony counts were certified Monday to a grand jury by the same Henrico County General District Court judge who found Rogers guilty of four simple assaults, property damage and hit-and-run. The felony charges will be heard by a grand jury in September, the newspaper reported.

The judge didn’t uphold hate crime enhancement on four simple assault charges, agreeing with the defense argument that the three victims, all of whom are white, were not targeted because of their race.

Two people who were struck by Rogers testified. A third victim was only identified at John Doe. The prosecution played Facebook Live video captured after the incident in which Rogers boasts of driving through the crowd.

During a hearing the day after the incident, Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor said in a statement that based on his social media posts and by his own admission, Rogers was a Klan leader.

Yeah, sure.

I’m sure he’s a Klan leader, and the only evidence needed to prove it was social media posts.

Makes sense.

Obviously, if this guy did what they’re saying he did, it was an act of road rage. It was not some kind of planned attack. Everyone knows that. But he was charged as if it was a white supremacist terror attack.

These are the new rules. If you do anything against the system, you will be completely crucified, and the facts of the situation will not matter.