Croatian President Says Migrants Won’t be Allowed to Cross Their Border Anymore

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2016


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Total Croatia News:

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović said on Tuesday in New York that, if a new migrant wave reaches Croatian borders, Croatia would not let migrants pass through its territory since borders of neighbouring countries are closed and it needed to protect its territory. The President added that Croatia would still give assistance to all those who needed it, reports on September 21, 2016.

The President, who is in New York for the session of the UN General Assembly, said that Croatia last year let migrants pass to other countries because there were no fences at the borders with Slovenia and Hungary, but the borders are now closed. “It turned out that over 85 percent of them were economic migrants and not genuine refugees. It will be very hard to solve this problem without a common European agreement, and without an agreement with the countries that have ultimately been the key when it comes to messages which made migrant come to ​​Europe. However, we have to be prepared and not depend on anyone else. We should be ready to protect our territory and borders, and to help everyone who needs help”, she concluded.

lol @ “it turns out.”

Because no one could have predicted it. Or figured it out while it was happening. Once there were two million “New Germans,” they were just like “hey, wait a minute…”

And 85% is really another fake statistic. Even if 15% were “genuine refugees” escaping the American-backed terrorist war in Syria, they all passed through the safe country of Turkey, where they were fed, housed and clothed, before crossing-over into Europe.

Kilis Oncupinar Container City image.adapt.960.high.kobane_refugee_1a general-view-refugee-camp-named-quotcontainer-cityquot-turkish-syrian-border-oncupinar

Turkish refugee camps are fine. There’s this old saying, “beggars can’t be choosers.” Someone should have told Merkel this.

The father of the most famous refugee, Alain “Beach Boy” Kurdi, was making over $500 a month working in Turkey and left for Europe because his family in Canada told him if he did the welfare system there would buy him a new set of teeth.

His dumbass sister admitted this on TV. She just said it straight-up, plainly.

I don’t know why she would admit something like this, but I assume she did it because she is stupid. It didn’t stop the Jew media and ZOG politicians from continuing to spam that picture of Beach Boy, saying he’s the reason we have to have millions upon millions of Moslems in Europe.


I mean. Come on.

This is absurd.