Croatia: Court Allows Homosexuals to Kidnap Child as Sex Toy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2019

Human rights democracy can be a harsh mistress.

Especially if you happen to be the toddler who gets kidnapped by homosexuals to be used as a sex toy in a “gay adoption” scheme.

But we have to have human rights democracy. Because freedom is the only way we will truly become diverse.


A court in Zagreb paved the way for a same-sex couple to foster children in Croatia, overruling a previous rejection by a child welfare center, according to Croatian media.

“We are overjoyed,” one of the men, Ivo Segota, told the Jutarnji list daily.

Segota entered a so-called life partnership with Mladen Kozic in 2015. In 2017, they applied to become foster parents with the Zagreb Social Services Center.

“We were received very warmly and nicely … because Zagreb has a chronic deficit of foster homes, especially those who have the conditions and desire to foster several children, which forces the centers to separate biological siblings,” Segota said.

Despite successfully passing multiple tests, the center unexpectedly broke off communication and eventually rejected their plea. The provided explanation, according to Segota, was that there were no legal conditions for them to become foster parents as a life partnership couple.

The couple appealed the decision to the Family Ministry, but their appeal was rejected. They then sued against the decision.

Under Croatian law, same-sex marriages are not allowed. Life partnerships are equal with heterosexual marriages in all aspects except one — adopting children. The couple’s attorney, Sanja Bezbradica Jelavic, argued that keeping the two from becoming foster parents amounted to discrimination.

Some people might say that it is wrong to allow homosexuals to kidnap small boys and sodomize them repeatedly throughout their childhoods. Those people are called “Nazis,” and we have to stamp them out at every turn.

We all need to thank Bill Clinton for bombing Serbia into oblivion after accusing them of a fake genocide. Otherwise, this boy may still be living with his mother, instead of in the clutches of homosexuals.

You see, homosexuals molesting children is a key pillar of any progressive society.

It is a stop along the way to the true future we all want, which is flying cars and robot slaves.

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