Crisis: Indian Beauty Pageant Contestants are All Fuckable, No Disgusting Brown Women Involved

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2019

Wait, all the sluts in a beauty pageant look fuckable?

You can’t have that.

Das rassis.

Even in India apparently, das rassis.

Gotta have some ugly AF genetic defectives up in this bitch.


The winner of Miss India 2019 has finally been selected following weeks of criticism surrounding the pageant over lookalike contestants.

Suman Rao, a 20-year-old college student from Rajasthan, took the title during the grand finale in Mumbai on Saturday. Rao will now move on to represent her country at Miss World 2019 in Thailand this December.

The beauty contest came under intense scrutiny after a collage featuring all 30 participants was published in the Times of India newspaper. The composite image sparked a heated online diversity debate over the girls who all looked remarkably similar with fair skin and dark hair.

Organizers of the pageant were slammed for appearing to prefer a single look and beauty standard. Some critics went so far as to say that the women resembled ‘clones’ rather than representatives of the nation’s ethnically diverse beauty.

Skin-tone in particular has been a hot topic among women in India, as some females attempt to reverse the historical preference for fairer skin and counteract society’s emphasis on whitening cosmetic procedures. In recent years, campaigns like Dark is Beautiful and #unfairandlovely have tried to change perceptions of female beauty.

So, you might not expect this sort of thing to pop up in India.

But what you must understand is: the lowest in society universally despise the highest in society.

The poor hate the rich.

The weak hate the strong.

The stupid hate the smart.

The ugly hate the beautiful.

As such, the Jewish program of “tear down the best people in society and replace them with the worst” can be sold anywhere, to anyone.

The only societies capable of resisting it are authoritarian societies like China.

It also helps that in China, everyone is basically identical in terms of looks, intelligence and behavior. So then the only differences are social status and wealth, which can be moved around, because the people are interchangeable. The fact that the Asians spent however many tens of thousands of years breeding for homogeneity has definitely proved beneficial in the age of Jewish propaganda.

But India is both a democracy and a vastly ethnically diverse nation, so you’re going to have this sort of thing.

It’s not even really a “nation state.” It’s just a weird conglomerate created by the British. Which is why the Indian nationalist leaders focus on Hinduism, and otherizing Moslems.

Which seems to work well enough.

But when it comes to beauty: beauty is objective, and certain races are more attractive than other races.

In particular, refined features and light skin are universally considered attractive. It is a biological response. You can’t get around it.

You can shove ugly people in a beauty pageant, but you haven’t really accomplished anything beyond politicizing a beauty pageant with communist Jewish ideology. You haven’t made ugly people attractive anymore than you can make a black guy a computer programmer.

And that should be okay. We should all be able to accept that.

I mean, imagine if Australia sent an Aboriginal woman to a beauty pageant.

Wouldn’t that simply be humiliating to the participant?

In the same way that it is humiliating to send a black person to work as a programmer at Google, only to have them fail at everything?

Can’t we just keep everything in its place, and be happy with those places?

The answer is “yes, but not with Jews around.”