Cringe With Me! Former Neo-Nazi Confronts Neon-Nazis in DC

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2018

I just watched this documentary by a swarthy Marxist seductress who went around offering blowjobs to old school hardcore Neo-Nazis to get them to renounce their ways.

It’s made by that sandwench who went viral saying Britain would never be white again. You remember that.

Here’s the preview. The whole thing is available on… you know. Certain internet corners.

All of those interviewed caved to the power of the sand-snatch – except for the godfather of White Advocacy himself, Jared Taylor.

The THOT had no power over old man JT.

Old Man Tay-Tay never leaves home without a bottle.

Otherwise, it was disappointing to see all these sad, lost and weak people start blubbering on the camera. Paradoxically, while I find it unbecoming, I think the documentary was actually quite humanizing. This is probably why, a year after it was released, no one has even heard of it.

And these are the “hardcore” people. You know, the ones that just have to parade around with swastikas for the cameras any chance they get and denounce anyone who doesn’t as being too weak and soft…

Not one of them was able to stand up to the brown queen, yaaaaaaas slay!!!!


Back to the top clip.

This former neo-nazi looks a bit… off.

I’m detecting a strong gay pedo vibe from him. And from what I can tell, he associates literal criminal prison gangs that deal drugs and snitch to the federal government with the young, hip movement to save White people from being ethnically cleansed in their own homelands.


!= this:

Tsk tsk.

Amateur mistake.

This is not a new media tactic, but it’s definitely one that the media is going to start relying on more and more.

REPENT! They shall shout at us, while parading around degenerates and criminals with tears in their eyes – trying to guilt? nag? What exactly are these people supposed to be doing?

They look like broken men. They look like sick men. Why would anyone listen to their words of love, tolerance and understanding when they look like shattered, AIDS-ridden husks?

Yeah, pathetic.